Ritter Sport Spiced Biscuit

Ritter Sport Spiced Biscuit Winter Edition Chocolate

Spring may well have sprung but that isn’t going to stand in the way of the winter edition Ritter Sport Spiced Biscuit. Even when a food is specific to a season or holiday that for sure isn’t going to stop us from chowing on down. 

Ritter Sport have some corkers but as usual the UK gets only a small selection. The range has certainly expanded but the real amazing sounding flavours just never reach us. I have reviewed a couple, the Cornflakes is delicious and the Rum and Raisin packs a punch. So will the Ritter Sport Spiced Biscuit be just as good? 

This bar was nestled with a pile of other Ritter Sports chocolate bars in a local garden centre. Isn’t it funny how you can unearth these food finds in garden centres rather that supermarkets and food stores where you would expect. Coming in at a rounded £1.00, I was a little joyful about finding this bar. Spiced biscuit aka what you and I compare to as Lotus is scrumptious so pairing with chocolate let’s hope this takes it to new levels.

Ritter Sport Spiced Biscuit Chocolate

This is very much a biscuity chocolate. As you can see alongside the always generously thick and creamy milk chocolate there is a thick biscuit base. The flavours were warm and cosy with a hum of cinnamon and spices that quintessentially scream Christmas and Winter. Now other blogs around – FYI Eat Explore Etc literally has reviewed every Ritter Bar, go check it out; show the Spekulatius Winter-Kreation chocolate bar from Ritter Sport rather than the bar I have today. Although in essence it’s the same bar down to the packaging, aside from this being in English, I was really hoping for a creamier centre. Alas no. Thank god there was the chocolate because if not this would have been very dry! 

As much as this Ritter Sport Spiced Biscuit bar was a combination of delicious flavour and indulgent chocolate, there is a pang of disappointment. Whilst I would keep the biscuit layer, what could have really turned this up a notch is having some of that heavenly biscuit spread sandwiched in there too! 

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  1. Skully
    26th March 2021 / 9:13 pm

    gr8 read and gr8 chocolate! Makes me feel better that is has ‘Sport’ in it!

    Had these when i was in Germany last year and haven’t stopped since then. The Knusperflakes take top spot though

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