Limited Edition Strawberry Jaffa Cakes

Limited Edition Strawberry Jaffa Cakes

The Strawberry Jaffa Cakes are back. Yes they first made their appearance a year or so ago and have come back around. Why I am not too sure. Perhaps it is down to summer fast approaching and these certainly seem like more of a summer flavour. 

I am quite traditional when it comes to Jaffa Cakes and I don’t think I tried the Strawberry version first time around. That being said I thought heck why not give them ago. After all strawberry and chocolate is a grand combination. 

Keeping the soft cake base and dark chocolate topping, instead of a a jellied orange filling the centre is replaced with strawberry. There are 10 in a pack and each pack was a cool £1.00 in Tesco. So let’s get tasting. 

Strawberry Jaffa CakesStrawberry Jaffa Cakes: 46 kcal, 0.5g sat fat, 6.1g sugar

Aside from the cake base and the thin dark chocolate topping which was the same as an original Jaffa Cake, the difference of course lies with the jelly. Despite looking dark in the picture, it was actually a pretty ruby red. When you eat them there is no denying that the strawberry flavour really is lacking. When eating whole it was hard to detect any fruit at all, and what was there was overcome in cake and chocolate. Even when eating it alone there wasn’t much improvement and to be honest it was like eating a normal Jaffa Cake. 

Sadly these Strawberry Cake Jaffa Cakes fall below the mark. There was an opportunity for these to be fruity and delicious but fruity they were not. For the time being I think I will be sticking to the original Jaffa Cakes. 

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