Bliss and Bling Candles Meets Christmas

Bliss and Bling Christmas Gift Guide

Happy Monday Everyone and more importantly Happy ONE Week till Christmas!

Today I am talking about candles. Yes ever since discovering Bliss and Bling Candles I have been mildly obsessed. I was getting pretty shaky at the fact my candle supply was getting far too low for my liking but thankfully the stars aligned and I met up with the lovely Emma at one of the Christmas Fairs. 

There is now has a whopping selection of standard candles as well as a host of Christmas scents to get us in that festive mood. Eagled eyed readers from my last review may spot a little re-vamp on the labels but as ever they have a high quality finish, come with a cute matching ribbon and most are sprinkled heavily with a gloriously glittery top, and we all know glitter makes everything a million times better. 

Bliss and Bling

So aside from buying some for gifts (yes I plan to gift but who knows….). I bought an array of Christmas delights and of course a Vanilla, seriously guys and gals it is the BEST, it beats Yankee Candle any day of the week.

Bliss and Bling Christmas CandlesBliss and Bling Candles Christmas Selection

Considering we are in the festive spirit, today’s review focuses on three of the Christmassy ones. Each of these was £5.00 which I stand by as being a good price considering the size, time spent and finish. So without further delay lets get festive.

Chocolate Orange was one of the original ones I bought last year I am very pleased it has made an appearance this year. Normally chocolate candles don’t do it for me but this has a dark chocolatey depth to it that is coupled with a citrus overtone of fresh orange. It’s a chocolate orange without all the calories.

Christmas Bliss and Bling Candles|| Jingle Bell Berries || Chocolate Orange || Christmas Cookies ||

Jingle Bell Berries with its ruby red colouring and glitter topping it has Christmas written all over it. The flavour isn’t as intense as I would have liked however did have a subtle berry aroma to it and thanfully it wasn’t as sweet as I imagined, which I much prefer. 

Bliss and Bling Christmas

Christmas Cookies is by far the one I was most looking forward to. With a mix of vanilla, ginger spice and cinnamon, unlit it smells incredible. I was getting a little paranoid as at first I couldn’t really smell anything however on it’s second light it sprung into action. Lit it smelt very similar to the Vanilla Cupcake with the cinnamon and ginger being a little on the back step. Being a lover of vanilla I didn’t mind but would have liked this one to smell more like it did unlit to give it some distinction from just vanilla. 

It is safe to say the Chocolate Orange Bliss and Bling candle remains triumphant for me. It has the stronger flavour and smells good enough to eat. If you are after more of a subtle flavour then the other two would be just right. 

Do you have a favourite candle or fragrance that I need to try? Let me know. 

Have a great week! 

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  1. Lazy Lizzie
    18th December 2017 / 2:23 pm

    Love chocolate and orange flavours one of my faves even have a hand wash in the same fragrance and oh let’s not forget my huge love (and stash) of Terrys Chocolate Orange, albeit a slightly bit fattening than a candle or handwash

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