Maltesers Buttons

Maltesers Buttons

Unpopular opinion but I could take or leave Maltesers, even the Maltesers Bunny and Reindeer isn’t enough to float my boat, but I tell you what does… those chunky nuggets in the Celebrations box, man oh man it is a scramble to get those Teasers first! So in the hope that these new Malteser Buttons which boast a greater ratio of chocolate to malt, are heavenly, I knew I had to give them try. 

It has been a while since Maltesers have given us something new and then bam we have a whole host of newbies including these Buttons, the Malteser Truffles and boxes of the Maltesers Teasers. After seeing these Malteser Buttons on pretty much every feed and every advert, I have finally got my hands on some.  

Maltesers Buttons ChocolateMilk chocolate with honeycombed pieces

Similar to the Galaxy Counters these bumpy buttons are a good size but the chocolate looked a little dusty and grey. Let’s face it you probably aren’t going to eat these one by one, however if you can fight the urge and let these melt they are even more wonderful. As promised these have been turned on their head and were more creamy and chocolatey with a bit of crunch. They 100% reminded me of the Teasers which is probably why I really loved these. 

Success these new Maltesers Buttons are delicious and didn’t last long. You can now pretty much buy them in any major supermarket and I would 100% recommend getting these on your next visit. 

What are your thoughts on the new Malteser range? Have you got your hands on these Malteser Buttons yet?

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