Nestle KitKat Ruby Chocolate

KitKat Ruby Chocolate

Ruby chocolate has been gathering pace and Nestle have certainly helped to bring this a little more mainstream with their KitKat Ruby Chocolate

Originally only available in Tesco, these bars have gravitated and I found this single bar in Sainsbury’s for 60p. You may have even spied the Easter Egg, which was tempting! 

What makes ruby chocolate so special? A number of years ago cocoa experts discovered components of certain cocoa beans could produce a chocolate with an exceptional flavour and colour. This gorgeously coloured Ruby cocoa bean offers a totally new taste experience, and I couldn’t be more excited to try it. 

KitKat Ruby Cocoa BeansNestle KitKat Ruby Chocolate Per Bar: 223 kcal, 7.6g sat fat, 18.5g sugar, 2.7g protein

Interestingly Ruby chocolate contains no berries, berry flavour or colourings and yet looks and tastes like berries. Despite thinking this would be a very sweet combination of chocolate and wafer, it wasn’t at all. The chocolate itself was creamy and completely different to anything I have tried before. The berry flavours were soft and mellow yet absolutely stood on their own. Although I could have eaten a whole bar of just the ruby chocolate, it was just as enjoyable with the wafer inner giving that classic KitKat crunch. Colour wise this isn’t ruby like you and I know it, but it is an exceptional colour! 

With absolutely no expectations, I am suitably impressed by the KitKat Ruby Chocolate. It brings such a twist to an ordinary KitKat, or ordinary chocolate for that matter. It will be interesting to see if this becomes more mainstream and adopted by others. I’m looking at you Hotel Chocolat! 

If you haven’t given this try yet I would absolutely get it on the shopping list. For those that have tried ruby chocolate before, which do I need to try next?

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