Ryvita Fruit Crunch Apple & Cinnamon

Ryvita Fruit Crunch Apple Cinnamon

A while back the lovely Snack Warrior over at Reaching for Refreshment reviewed the New Ryvita Fruit Crunch Apple & Cinnamon crispbreads. I was very apprehensive about what these would be like, when it comes to crispbreads I am a plain and simple savoury gal, but today’s review is challenging that as Ryvita kindly sent me some of their Fruit Crunch Apple & Cinnamon* to try.

First off how amazing is that tin! I love it!!! These crispbreads are part of their Fruit Crunch range and accompanies their Currants, Seeds & Oats, which to be fair sounds a little more Ryvita-esque than the dessert type of Apple and Cinnamon. That said let’s get onto the tasting.

Ryvita Fruit Crunch Apple & CinnamonWholegrain Rye Crispbread with dried diced apple pieces, currants and cinnamon.

Resealable bag that actually does reseal, thank the lord! Opening these up I was instantly met with the familiar smell of Ryvita, dark and rich with a slight visual difference of a few embedded currants within the crispbread. Although they still carry their richness, the slight sweetness gave what is usually quite a heavy crispbread, a nice lift. There was a slight warmth from the cinnamon, although at times it was hard to detect and I couldn’t really taste any chewy apple. What I am most surprised about is the currants. I bloomin love them! Never would I have thought popping some currants in a crispbread and giving it a bit of a chewy texture, would be so yummy, and I am left feeling why have I waited so long to have currants in my crispbread?

As they are, plain and simple, they are very delicious and that really is the test here. Yes a spot of butter or other sweet topping could add to the flavour, but without they are still just as good. Although I cannot detect the apple, the cinnamon is just enough and those currents are on point. Ryvita have given their traditional crispbread a twist and have succeeded. If you are in doubt give them ago, go on, I dare you!

A big thank you to Ryvita for sending me these to try and of course for my awesome tin!

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  1. Melissa
    6th April 2016 / 12:15 pm

    How strange I’m actually sitting here now eating these for my lunch. They are definately a BIG winner for me

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