Guest Post: Ingenious Ways to Make Your Favourite Food Healthy

Hello Monday, and what better way to start the week than with a guest post from The Nut Butter Hub – glorious name if I do say so myself. The Nut Butter Hub is a lifestyle site with some fabulous recipes and if you hadn’t already guessed, they are also massive fans of Nut Butter too! For today’s post The Nut Butter Hub has put together some ingenious ways to make some of our favourite foods, that little bit better for us.  Can’t give up some bad habits? Do you love a sneaky fizzy drink or do you get the tub of… View Post

Fit Kitchen Pad Thai Chicken with Zesty Sauce

Quick and easy meals are a godsend when you are in a hurry or simple haven’t the motivation to cook. I have been on the hunt for something that fits this description and that is not just your bog standard ready meal with an atrocious nutritional value, and enough ingredients listed it could be a novel. Enter Fit Kitchen.  I spotted these vibrant looking dishes whilst perusing Instagram and as if by magic I found them on my latest trip to Sainsbury’s. On offer for £3.00, RRP £3.80 I thought that was a pretty average price for what appeared a fresh… View Post

Arla Skyr Yoghurts

Yoghurts, there are so many to choose from – Chocolatey, Fruity, Low Fat, Natural, Greek, Protein, Bio, there is a whole aisle just for yoghurts! So how do you choose when everyone is trying to be the top dog? Yoghurt is something that I phase in and out of, every since Muller Light’s disastrous recent efforts I hadn’t really been all that into yoghurt but have recently been branching out so to speak. Today’s review is all about 3 different Arla SKYR yoghurt – SKYR Strawberry, Mixed Berries & Blueberry & Elderberry. Made from all natural ingredients, Arla SKYR yoghurts are low… View Post

Ryvita Fruit Crunch Apple & Cinnamon

A while back the lovely Snack Warrior over at Reaching for Refreshment reviewed the New Ryvita Fruit Crunch Apple & Cinnamon crispbreads. I was very apprehensive about what these would be like, when it comes to crispbreads I am a plain and simple savoury gal, but today’s review is challenging that as Ryvita kindly sent me some of their Fruit Crunch Apple & Cinnamon* to try. First off how amazing is that tin! I love it!!! These crispbreads are part of their Fruit Crunch range and accompanies their Currants, Seeds & Oats, which to be fair sounds a little more Ryvita-esque than the… View Post

VitHit Lean and Green

Most of the vitamin ‘healthy’ drinks are either packed full of sugar to make them palatable or have no added sugar and it’s like drinking dirty dish water. Enter VitHit. The VitHit mission is to make drinks that taste as good or better than their sugary counterparts, all the while adding as much goodness without compromising on taste. Now that is quite the mission.  Coming in 5 varieties, today’s review is all about the VitHit Lean and Green. There is some sugar content to this VitHit but at 35 calories and 6.5 grams of sugar this really is a drop in… View Post