PG Tips Peppermint Capsules

PG Tips Peppermint Capsules

Rejoice there are now Nespresso compatible tea capsules! PG Tips haven’t just gone for their standard tea, oh no no, they have hit us with 4 new compatible capsules, Caramel & Vanilla Black Tea, Green Tea, Raspberry & Apple and today’s review Peppermint. I heart Peppermint tea and the very fact there is now PG Tips Peppermint Capsules excites me greatly.

I picked these up at Waitrose on offer for £2.00. Unlike the Nespresso pods I have used before the PG Tips ones require you to peel back the film before popping them in. I was slightly concerned what the intensity of flavour would be like, given normally I leave my peppermint tea bag in to brew for usually 5+ minutes given nine times out of ten I have forgotten all about it. 

PG Tips Peppermint Nespresso CapsulesIt suggests just the long button so the long button is what I used. It was delightfully fresh and zingy, airing more on the minty side than pepperminty in my eyes, but I must say I am pleasantly surprised by how much flavour there was. It does pack a little punch especially at the end where it lifts into the fresh minty taste. My only niggle was one long button was not enough, literally three gulps and it was all gone and I was left wanting more. Yes you can of course add more water, which I did second time around, however the delightfully minty flavour decreases as it is diluted.

Overall I am loving these new PG Tips Peppermint Capsules! They’re easy to use and from start to finish it takes no time at all. Above all it’s refreshing to see Nespresso compatible capsules that isn’t just coffee. Now all I am hoping for is a Nespresso Hot Chocolate variety and then I am sorted!

PG Tips also have a new range of Green Tea’s available which the delightful Cupcake over at Reaching for Refreshment has reviewed; now if only I could actually find the PG Tips Strawberry Cupcake Green Tea to try. 

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  1. Hungry Hippo
    12th April 2016 / 3:13 pm

    Caramel & Vanilla Black Tea!? THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION. xx

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