Soreen Chocolate

Soreen Chocolate

Since Soreen kindly sent me a range of their loaves to try I have been mildy obsessed, especially with their Banana version. Seriously if you haven’t tried it yet you need to! Whilst skipping up the aisles to replenish my banana stocks I spied Soreen Chocolate and knew it had to be a must try. 

For a bargain price of 50p from Asda, this is a slightly smaller loaf than the others. Like all Soreen Loaves this can be eaten how it comes, or you can toast it and slather whatever you like on it. Again I opted for both methods to see how each compared. 

Soreen Chocolate Malt LoafA chocolate & malt cake with chocolate chips.

The consistency of this loaf was far less squidgy in comparison to others that I have tried and was very easy to slice. There wasn’t a chocolate smell to it, just the rich sweet malt loaf smell that you get from their Original loaf. Giving it a taste in its out of packet form, all I could taste was malt loaf and couldn’t really detect any chocolate flavour. Even when I hit a little chocolate chip nugget the flavour was trampled on by that malty sultana taste. 

Soreen Chocolate

Seeing if it faired better toasted, toast I did. Getting it out of the toaster was challenging enough. Yes I know you should probably grill it however I didn’t have the patience for it. The bonus of warming up a slice was the chocolate chips melted and the loaf became squidgy. Taste wise the chocolate did come through more but it was no competition for that malt loaf taste. 

This Soreen Chocolate Loaf isn’t offensive by any means but I really did expect so much more from it. Sadly the chocolate flavour just isn’t there for me and this isn’t one I would buy again. Shame, but I shall stick to my Banana loaf. 

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