Joe & Seph’s Fruity Cosmopolitan Popcorn

Joe & Seph's Fruity Cosmopolitan

Happy Hump Day Everyone! Today’s post is not just about any old popcorn but cocktail popcorn. Yes there is such a thing. Courtesy of the fabulous Cupcake Snack Warrior who a little while back sent me one of her amazing food packages which included Joe & Seph’s Fruity Cosmopolitan, which as it happens is one of four boozy pouches they have on offer. It’s common knowledge that Cosmopolitan is my all time favourite cocktail, well we all want to be a little like those ladies in Sex and the City, the very fact that Joe & Seph’s have bought the cocktail to the popcorn excites me greatly. 

Joe & Seph’s Fruity Cosmopolitan comprises of air popped popcorn coated with caramel, infused with cranberry, orange, lime and 5% Triple Sec and Vodka. Yes you read that correctly, this pouch of popped corn contains 5% of real spirits, hands off kiddies! 

Joe & Seph's Cosmopolitan Popcorn

At first glance this popcorn is golden with hints of intense Cosmopolitan pink. Tucking in the instant sweetness is met with a tangy sharpness from the lime and cranberry, giving it just the right sweet sour citrusy balance. The flavour coats every single piece of popcorn meaning whatever the handful you are guaranteed that pop of flavour. I will be honest I cannot taste the vodka triple sec element per say, however the Cosmopolitan flavouring does come through.

Joe & Seph have done a pretty good job at replicating the Cosmopolitan flavour, it isn’t an exact match, and I would still rather have the real deal any day, but the flavours that come through are fresh and not at all powdery or synthetic in taste. If anything lets this boozy popcorn down, it was the fact the popcorn itself was pretty soft and not at all as crisp and crunchy as I would expect, or have actually experienced from other Joe & Seph’s pouches. A shame really. 

Joe & Seph’s range of popcorn is extraordinary (see here), and I could quite easily spend a fortune. I am however most intrigued by their newest edition of Caramel Sauces and am certainly going to keep my eyes open for these. 

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