There’s Gin and then there’s Gordon’s Pink Gin

Gordon's Premium Pink Gin

It maybe Monday, it may have been raining with only fleeting moments of sunshine however I’m keeping summer alive today with Gin. Finally after far too many supermarket trips I have gotten my hands on Gordon’s Pink Gin and I couldn’t be more excited. The mission has been well and truly on to get this gorgeous looking pink gin ever since they announced its release, however it feels like it has been as hard to track down as the end of a rainbow. 

Exclusive to Tesco, every time I have gone there has been a gaping big hole on the shelf where it should be. On one random whim I nipped in on the off chance and low and behold they had some in stock. It took the poor employee on a wild goose chase but it was all in the name of pink gin, worthy if you ask me, and he seemed equally as invested in finding me some. 

Gordon's Pink Gin and ProseccoGordon’s Pink Gin Natural Fruit Flavours and a Subtle Touch of Juniper 37.5% ABV. 70cl £16.50

Made using Gordon’s classic gin recipe from the 1800s, this beauty also combines the natural flavours of raspberries, strawberries and a tang of redcurrant. There are of course so many ways you can serve it – ice and a slice, tonic with a side of strawberries, in a gorgeous cocktail or with a splash of prosecco if you’re feeling fancy.  

Prosecco and Gordon's Pink Gin

And with prosecco is exactly the path I took….. Yes two great loves in life combined, surely this has to be as magnificent as we all imagine!

Gordon's Pink Gin

A gorgeous mermaid-esque pink hue matches the lightness and fruitiness this gin had to offer. On it’s own the mixture of strawberries, raspberries and redcurrant are of course more intense, as is it’s pinkness yet it still harnessed that true gin flavour. It wasn’t too sweet and had a subtle dryness to it at the end. Adding prosecco is a game change. It’s no wonder that this has literally flown off the shelves, it’s fabulous darling! 

Even if you aren’t much of a gin lover I urge you to give this combo a go. AND it’s pink, what more could you want?…..

Actually maybe glitter! 

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