Posh Pickles Vietnamese Lemongrass and Chilli Relish

Sa Va Tu’o’ng ot Vietnamese Lemongrass and Chilli Relish

Think of relish and I bet you don’t tick off half the number that Posh Pickles has to offer! I was lucky enough to try one of Posh Pickles handmade relishes through The Bloggers Hub, and after deliberating I opted for Sa Va Tu’o’ng ot*.

What is Sa Va Tu’o’ng to? In foodie terms – Vietnamese Lemongrass and Chilli Relish, described as a spicy, sweet, sour and salty marinade, made only from Rapeseed oil, lemongrass, garlic, spring onion, red Thai chilli, sugar, lime juice, fish sauce, salt. Soon enough my sample arrived, and despite the slight leakage, and my postie wondering what the delicious smell was, Steph kindly sent me another one to compensate. The aroma from this relish was just how I imagined it should smell, seriously de-lish; now onto the taste test.

Chicken can get pretty boring, so what better way to inject some flavour than to marinate it in the relish, and throw it on the barbeque. After 6 hours of marinating, the chicken was ready to get sizzling on the barbie. 

Posh Pickles Vietnamese Chicken

The verdict? Flavour sensation! It was a complete hit with everyone at the barbecue. The marinade kept the chicken juicy, and the flavour was authentic. The lemongrass was the dominant flavour but was by no means overpowering. Not only was there a fragrant aroma whilst cooking, this translated in the taste. Slightly sweet and sour with the flavour being carried through by the pleasant warmth from the chilies, albeit I could have happily had it a bit spicier. Overall, super scummy! 

Made in small batches, Posh Pickles use locally sourced produce, ensures all products are free from any nasty flavourings, colourings and preservatives to ensure what you get is as natural and flavoursome as can be. You can see the relish is handmade, it’s chunky, rustic and just how a relish should be. Alongside this and the other products they have on offer, there is no denying the care and passion that goes into creating these handmade delights. 

If you are need of some flavour and something authentic, unique, and made with a lot of love, Posh Pickles is the answer. I certainly cannot wait to try some more. 

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