Müller Corner British Classics

Müller Corner British Classics

You would be right to think that this is a summer edition however unless I have been blind as a bat these are new to the yoghurt corner, in my Supermarket anyway. Inspired by British desserts Müller Corner British Classics have given us Cherry Bakewell and Eton Mess style yoghurts. 

A six pack costs £3.00 and I have seen these in both Sainsbury’s and on Ocado. Made from British milk these are free from artificial flavours, colourings and preservatives, and are suitable for vegetarians. 

Cherry Bakewell is certainly becoming more of ‘a thing’. We have had the Cherry Bakewell Scones, Cherry Bakewell Hot Cross Buns, even Cherry Bakewell Vodka, but finally a yoghurt version of the ever loved tart is here. 

Müller Corner Cherry Bakewell Cherry & Almond Flavour Yogurt with a Raspberry Underlayer and Pastry Crumble (12%)

The deep red tinged creamy yoghurt had little slithers of cherry, not too much thankfully but just enough for every now and again. It was bursting with fruity cherry flavour with a delicious undercurrent of almond flavouring that was both authentic, and the right balance. The raspberry was there visually but wasn’t apart of the flavour team which doesn’t particularly bother me. The crumbly corner of little pieces of shortbread like crumble gave it that pastry element and helped cut through the creamy yoghurt. These pieces did however detracted slightly from the cherry bakewell element which was a shame. 

Müller Corner Eton MessCreamy Yogurt with a Strawberry Underlayer and Crunchy Egg Free Meringue (8%)

Visually a bit underwhelming. The strawberry yoghurt was pretty pale with a slightly synthetic sweet strawberry flavour. The consistency of the yoghurt was not as thick and creamy as it’s Cherry Bakewell partner which does let it down as a whole. The abundance of meringue pieces sent the sweetness sky rocketing. Although they were crunchy and meringue like, they were almost fizzy on the tongue which was a bizarre sensation for a yoghurt. Despite the components of an Eton Mess it really didn’t remind of one in taste, nor was it an outstanding dessert yoghurt.  

I am 50/50 over these Müller Corner British Classics. The Cherry Bakewell is by far the tastiest, true to taste Müller yoghurt I have had for some time, and I would much prefer this to be available to buy singularly than in a multipack with a lack lustre Eton Mess. If you are a Cherry Bakewell lover hop foot it and get one of these!

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