McVities Cherry Bakewell Digestives

McVities Cherry Bakewell Digestives

I don’t think the biscuit world has been this excited since, well…. forever! Why I hear you cry? Because McVities have given us not one, but THREE new flavours, and we aren’t talking just run of the mill. There’s McVities Cherry Bakewell Digestives, which I am reviewing today, Marmalade on Toast and Strawberries and Cream.

So far they are exclusive to Morrisons and have been a bit tricky for people to track down all three flavours. I had similar issues and only managed to find two out of the three. As expected they aren’t on any offer and were £1.50 per pack. 

They are effectively a standard milk chocolate digestive flavoured with cherry bakewell. Cracking open the purple packet, there was a distinct smell of cherries and hint of almond, were we onto a winner?

McVities Cherry Bakewell Digestives BiscuitsThe almond wasn’t prominent and any hint was lost against the cherries and chocolate. The cherry flavour however was delicious and well and truly present. The flavour is more glacé cherry-esque and was sweet and fruity. It definitely works with the chocolate and they actually reminded me of black forest gateau. It’s a shame that the almond is missing, after all these are meant to be cherry bakewell and on that basis they fall below the mark. Having said that on the whole they are still delicious. 

The McVities Cherry Bakewell Digestives are a bit different. They taste good, which is what you want from a biccie, and they have dunk-ability. What was surprising was that they were even tastier with my tea. The flavour somewhat came out more, but were much sweeter. I can’t say how much they’d go with coffee, coffee lovers let us know what they’re like dunked in there!

Keep your eyes peeled for another one of McVities new digestives coming to the blog next week! 

Have you tried their new range? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Lindsay Russell
    5th September 2020 / 3:30 pm

    Your review was in February, I am now eating for the first time in September, and I have to say, although subtle, the almond flavour is definitely present for me. I think they are delicious and agree re the flavour after dunking!!

  2. Bella
    14th February 2020 / 1:20 pm

    Oh crumbs these sound Devine – I’m after the strawberries and cream ones!! Might have to add these onto my shopping list. Thanks for another brilliant review!!

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