Heston from Waitrose Cherry Bakewell Vodka

Heston Cherry Bakewell Vodka

Following on from my review of the deliciously out there Heston Cherry Bakewell Hot Cross Buns, the ever fabulous Waitrose contacted me and offered to send their Heston Cherry Bakewell Vodka * to try. As you can imagine I was most excited and very thankful for their offer.

This bottle is 70cl, 40% vol and costs £24.50. There are recommendations on mixing this to make a Cherry Bakewell Float or Ice Cream but frankly I’m opting for the alternative, straight from the fridge.

A gorgeous deep red, it doesn’t smell of anything in particular but you get a sense of sticky sweetness. First sip and there was the instant warmth that is typical from vodka, this is a sipping number, anything too energetic and it will give you the dreaded burn. The warmth continues and in comes the sweet taste of authentic cherries that gets more fruity as the drink develops. It is quite a thick drink, somewhere between spirit and liqueur. Now cherry this is but I really struggled to identify the amaretto bakewell side of things, and my two handy taste testers also concurred. Amaretto is a strong flavour and I was pretty surprised not to get even a hint, if anything I was expecting it to pack an almondy punch with the Cherry trailing behind, much like a Bakewell should be, however it really was non-existent.

As much as I want to rave about the Heston Cherry Bakewell Vodka it only delivers half of what it says. The vodka is exceptionally good quality, perfect sweetness, and has a lovely cherry warmth, but the Bakewell is extinct. There was such great potential here but alas it’s hasn’t reached it. If you want a Cherry Bakewell alternative stick to the scrummy Heston Cherry Bakewell Hot Cross Buns

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