Mr Kipling After Dinner Chocolate Orange Fancies

French Fancies have gotten fancier! Part of the expanding Mr Kipling Signature Collection this collection first launched last year in response to the growing demand of wanting treats that give distinct, high quality flavours. Now there is another new flavour, Mr Kipling After Dinner Chocolate Orange Fancies. Each box contains 6 fancies in an inner cardboard box and cost £2.50. The packaging is certainly sleeker and more streamlined than before, and frankly you can’t really miss the vibrant orange.  Not exactly uniformed in the box, some appeared to have been launched in their individual wrappers. As you can see the usually… View Post

Mr Kipling Chocolate Orange Whirls

It seems that Chocolate Orange is the flavour to be had! We have had the yummy Chocolate Orange Twirls, The Cadbury Orange Mousse Snowman and Hotel Chocolat Orange Chocolate Wafers to name a few. Now it is the turn for these Mr Kipling Chocolate Orange Whirls. These were in Tesco and on offer for £1.00. As always there are six in a box which sit in a plastic tray (tut tut). Upon opening the whirls were a wee bit mismatch, with most of the filling splodged out of one side.  The Mr Kipling Chocolate Orange Whirls sit amongst Iced Top… View Post

Mr Kipling Lemonade and Elderflower Cake Slices

It’s another newbie on the cake scene, well sort of. These Mr Kipling Lemonade and Elderflower Cake Slices are inspired by the Royal Wedding Cake picked by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. To be fair that isn’t the reason why these landed in the basket, they just sounded utterly delicious.  These slices have been available in Tesco for a little while and are filtering through to other supermarkets. Coming in at £1.50 a pack, each box is filled with 6 slices. Lemon and elderflower are a proven hit combination so hopes are high. They were a tad sticky and… View Post

Mr Kipling James’ Peaches & Cream Slices

What happens when a well know cake and treat company takes inspiration from an author that sent children’s imaginations into overdrive? A whole host of aptly themed treats that’s what. Yes Mr Kipling has taken inspiration from Roald Dahl and transformed some of it’s favourites with new and exciting flavours.  From George’s Marvellous Lemon & Raspberry Whirls, Enormous Croc’s Chocolate Mud Pies and The BFG’s Strawbunkle & Cream Fancies, to name a few, I had my eyes on one thing and one thing only, Mr Kipling James’ Peaches & Cream Slices. Why? It’s purely down to the peach! Some of these… View Post

Monster Munchies: Mr Kipling Chocolate & Slime Slices

Mr Kipling is the king of cake bars and treats so it is only fair that he has joined in on the ghost and ghouls of Halloween and given us Mr Kipling Chocolate & Slime slices. I certainly love a cheeky Mr Kipling snack so naturally this was going to be on the agenda.  With a suitably Halloweenesque box, each is packed with 3 sealed trays each containing two cake slices. I like this idea, a) it stops you eating the whole box, b) there’s no chance of wastage because it has gone stale and c) perfect for on the… View Post