Wild Trail Cacao Fruit and Nuts Bars

Wild Trail Cacao Fruit and Nut Bars

I often find myself guilty of not having a proper lunch at work and to try and fill a hole quickly. Rather than picking up the crisps and biscuits I have been on the hunt for some healthier snack bars and have recently discovered Wild Trail Cacao fruit and nut bars.

The issue I have with most ‘healthier’ snack bars is they are either full of sugar or have a high percentage of dates. What caught my eye was these Wild Trail Cacao bars have 5 simple ingredients in them – Raisins, Peanuts, Gluten Free Oats, Cacao and Apple Juice. That is it. Given you can count the ingredients on one hand this is a) a good start, b) are gluten and dairy free, c) have no added sugar and are high in fibre and d) are vegan. Huzzah! But do they taste good?

Wild Trail CacaoRaisins 42%, Peanuts 40%, Gluten Free Oats, Cacao 5% & Apple Juice Concentrate

I bought these from Ocado for £2.00 and each box comes with 4, 30g bars in. I really like the packaging, the bars are compact, none of this wasted packaging that gets your hopes up and then you realise there’s THE tiniest amount in there, and there is an element of quality to it.

Wild Trail Cacao BarsPer bar: 115 kcal, 0.3g sat fat, 9.7g sugar, 2.6g protein 

The texture of these bars was quite stodgy in the sense that it feels like everything was blended leaving a few chunky bits and was then squished it all together. It had a good chew to it, I definitely liked the chunkier peanuts helping to break up the texture quite nicely. The raisins certainly provided the sweetness to the bar, and because of the high percentage used there is quite a lot go sugar in this per bar. That being said it still had some bitterness to it from the cacao. I would have liked the chocolatey flavour to come through more, there is no surprise it is a little on the sidelines when it only makes up 5%. 

As a whole the Wild Trail Cacao bar is a good little bar. There is enough that when finished I felt I did not want to eat anymore, and it certainly satisfied the immediate hunger pangs. 

Wild Trail Cacao Bars can also be purchased on their website here.

Do you have any snack ideas? Let me know below. 

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