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Pea Pops Review

January 2022, it is quite remarkable that a new year has come around in a blink of an eye. After a little break over the festive period we are back with a new review of Pea Pops Chickpea Crisps.

Other than a fabulous name and vibrant colourful packaging these fall quite nicely into Veganuary. Launched in 2020 Pea Pops are in their very nature popped and not fried. They too have 20% protein, are gluten free, high in fibre, vegan/vegetarian and are the winner of The Great Taste Award.

Coming in 3 flavours, 2 vegan 1 vegetarian, these can be purchased at Amazon*, Ocado, Asda and in independent health stores and delis throughout the UK. You can also choose a grab/ snack bag or a larger ‘sharing’ bag.

Pea Pops Smoky BBQ and Chilli & LimeSmoky BBQ and Chilli & Lime Pea Pops

It is fair to say the Chilli & Lime has quite the kick to it. The lime is zesty, sharp and can be smelt as the packet is opened. The chilli is warming and more intense as the packet goes on. They aren’t going to be a flavour for everyone, but for spicy, Mexican food lovers, this is one for you.

The orange hued discs are largely coated in a thick smoky barbecue flavour. They are pretty identical to a BBQ Pringle. Although not personally a fave, they have a good consistent flavour in every crisp.

Pea Pops Cheddar & OnionCheddar & Onion

It is a flavour that you cannot beat. Not so oniony that it leaves that lingering taste but just enough that it complements the serious cheesiness. Crisp, flavour in every bite, no complaints here at all.

These crisp discs of Pea Pops Chickpea Crisps are delicious. There may only be three flavours, for now, but they are three flavours that are done very well.

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* These were gifted to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. Link also contains affiliate link. Please see my disclosure page for more information


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