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Berczy Alcoholic Sparkling Water Review

Happy Friday! Yes we have hit the joyful day that is Fri-Yay so to celebrate I am raising a can to Berczy Alcoholic Sparkling Water drinks. Hard seltzer drinks are more uncommon for the UK and not something I imagine most of us have come across. However following a rebrand, Berczy are hoping to change that, and they have kindly gifted a taster box to me.

What is Berczy?

Combining British sparkling water, filtered sugar beet alcohol and real fruit flavours, Berczy Alcoholic Sparkling Water comes in three flavours. Peach & Raspberry, Lemon & Lime and a more unusual Passionfruit & Tumeric.

All of their boxes and cans are recyclable and these environmentally conscious twenty-somethings also pledge 5% of Berczy’s profits to environmental charities. Each drink uses the highest quality, natural ingredients with no additives or chemicals.

Peach and Raspberry Berczy Drinks ReviewYou can pick up a box from their shop online or at Amazon *. Depending on whether you get a taster pack or a box of 12 they are around £2.20 – £2.49 a tin.

Each has its own distinct flavour. My favourite was the Peach & Raspberry and is a flavour that really takes me back. This was more on the peachy side which I loved. Super fruity, not at all drying as some sparkling waters can be, and has summer written all over it.

Passionfruit and Tumeric Berczy Alcoholic Sparkling WaterThe Passionfruit & Turmeric is the one I think most will be unsure about, but actually there is nothing to worry about. Vibrantly yellow this had the richest flavour to them all.  It still harnessed the tropical passion fruit flavour but had a richer depth from the turmeric which wasn’t at all overpowering, or how you might expect it to taste.

Lastly the Lemon & Lime which for me was the one lacking in the flavour department. It wasn’t as punchy as I’d hoped, and although you can taste the lemon and lime, it is weaker. You know when the soda machine starts running out of syrup, it reminded me of that. Shame.

These are very easy to drink, some a little too quickly they are that nice! I can really see these doing well in the summer, when the sun is shining, the BBQ is lit, and when safe to do so, reunite with friends and family. It’s clear the Peach and Raspberry is the fave and one I would happily have again. Will these be the next drink of the moment? We shall have to wait and see!

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* Berczy Alcoholic Sparkling Water Taster Pack was gifted to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. Link also contains affiliate link. Please see my disclosure page for more information


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