Hotel Chocolat Peanut Butter

Hotel Chocolat Peanut Butter Chocolate

Another day and another peanut butter find. Now I haven’t come across these before so I can only assume that Hotel Chocolat have released some newbies, and have finally jumped on the peanut butter band wagon. Hurrah! 

These selector packs offer 6 chocolates for £3.75, and are all of a perfect size. Enough for a chocolate fix but you can easily have more than one if you fancy it. 

Hotel Chocolat Peanut ButterSalted peanut praline sealed in a milk chocolate shell

You can see from the inside that it is jam packed with praline, which makes for a promising chocolate. I will shock you all now and say that I actually shared these, yes shared! I’m not sure what came over me to be honest. Taking a bite we all agreed that we were met with a dark and bitter chocolate that was overwhelming in flavour. I was rather surprised to read that the chocolates are actually 50% milk chocolate, and from colour alone I would have put money on it being dark chocolate. The praline was smooth and you got that hint of saltiness you expect from the salted peanuts, but that is where the peanut butter resemblance ends. I’m not sure if it is because the bitterness of the chocolate was overpowering, but we were all left wondering where the heck the peanut butter element was.

As a peanut butter lover, okay addict, I was left bitterly disappointed by these Hotel Chocolat Peanut Butter Selectors. It’s such a shame they just didn’t get it right this time, however they do do a Peanut Butter Slab aimed at the crunchy peanut butter lovers, and I am intrigued as to whether this one hits the spot or not. 

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