Cadbury Orange Chocolate Fingers

Cadbury Orange Chocolate Fingers Review

Last week we not only got one, but two new orange treats and a presale of the Orange Twirl from Cadbury! Naturally it was mission get the orange choccies and if you follow on insta you will already know I got my hands on them. There will be two reviews this week and first up is the Cadbury Orange Chocolate Fingers. 

Cadbury Fingers are no stranger to a little variation, aside from the OG, there’s the Fabulous Fingers, White Choc Fingers and now the Orange Choc Fingers. Currently available in Londis and Budgens stores I found mine in the latter, which also seems to be where most people are finding them. They will also be venturing into One Stop stores now and Tesco from September. 

As usual opening the box there is a plastic tray filled with choice fingers. What I have learnt from my work bestie is that this tray floats in the bath! Yes bath snacks eat your heart out (honestly google it!). 

Cadbury Orange Chocolate FingersHow do you eat yours? I love nothing more than grabbing a cuppa, biting both ends and suck the tea through it before eating the half melted biccie. Is that weird? Honestly it’s amazing, surely someone reading this must do the same?

These Cadbury Orange Chocolate Fingers were delicious. They have a nice orange flavour which isn’t obvious immediately, and becomes stronger as you are eating them. They’re crisp, chocolatey, taste great and are perfect with a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, anything really. If you like orange chocolate then I think you will like these. They aren’t as intense as other orange chocolate goodies, but I quite like that from these. 

Have you tried these or the Orange Buttons yet? Keep your eyes on the blog for the Orange Chocolate Giant Buttons review later this week. 

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