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Advent Calendar

Half way advent calendar klaxon!!! For the last 12 days I have woken each and every day trying to guess what’s behind the Candy Coated Countdown door, and each day trying to not open every other door! In true Benefit style, each little door has a little quip/quote to correspond to what today’s goodie is. So lets see what the last 12 days have have given us….

Benefit Candy Coated

1. Heart shaped paperclips – A little disappointing for the first day of the calendar, but then I am a sucker for anything pink and heart shaped so naturally I loved them, and they look cute on the office papers.

2.Ultra Plush Lip Gloss – A-Lister. I haven’t used the new range of lip glosses yet, mum is the lip gloss queen really whereas I could take it or leave it. Practical everyday neutral colour, handy little tube and not sticky on the lips.

3. They’re Real travel sample. Tried this once before but it didn’t manage to convert me from their Bad Gal mascara, which I love love love. On the flip side mum raves about this one so I will let her have this sample *cue best daughter award*

4. Stay Don’t Stray – stay put primer for concealers and eyeshadows. I tried this for the first time last year and you can definitely see a difference in the lasting ability of eyeshadows. Highly recommend.

Benefit Make Up

5. Its Potent! Eye Cream – This is a handy little eye cream, a little bit goes a long way. I can’t say that it fades the dark panda circles, but it does keep the eye area hydrated. As much as I like this, a full size version I feel is overpriced (£22.50) given it only targets one area.

6. Porefessional – Minimise the appearance of pores. Again a little goes a long way.

7. Silvery Hair Tie – Cute and sparkly but at then end of the day it is just a hair tie that by the feel of it is liable to snap. Make sure you carry a spare

8. Beauty Sticky Notes – sitting alongside the paperclips in the office. Not beauty related at all so an obscure choice from Benefit, I am sure they could have easily put a different beauty sample behind the door.

9. Dandelion Ultra Plush – Pairs with Benefit’s Dandelion blusher. Pretty similar to Day 2 Ultra plush lip gloss just with added sparkle. Nonetheless everyday colour and would definitely use for a night out.

Benefit Cosmetics Minis

10.Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer – Heard mixed reviews over this one which is why I have refrained from buying the full version. I wanted to love it as I swear by their Stay Flawless Foundation, but I’m just not convinced. It’s easy to use, bit of an odd heavy feeling when you first put it on and you do need to work it in quickly before it drys. Does your make up stay put? It does to a degree but I much prefer Laura Mercier mineral primer and find that has a longer lasting ability.

11. Benetint – Rose tinted lip and cheek stain. Hallelujah the answer to a longer lasting blusher effect. A bug bear of mine is that you apply blusher in the morning and by 11am you look as pale as a vampire, but not anymore with this little beauty. Perfect colour, you do have to be careful not to be too heavy handed on the application – build the colour rather than slap a load on!

12.Total Moisture Facial Cream – At £28.50 another pricey skincare product if you were to buy the full size version. Provides concentrated immediate and long-term hydration, which I agree. You don’t need to use a lot, easily applied, nice smell and most importantly I saw a marked difference in using this.

And thats it. 12 days down and 12 to go. What will they bring???? I’ll keep you posted.

If you have any comments, love, hate or want to try certain Benefit products, please share in the comments below.

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