Lisa Potter Dixon: The Make-Up Manual

If you have not seen Lisa Potter Dixon’s vids then where the hell have you been? She’s witty, has a crazy obsession with glitter, animals and a make-up case worthy of raiding, her Instagram and You Tube videos are the highlight of my week and a refreshing take on beauty that will have you hooked. I was lucky enough to meet Lisa a few years back when she did a Benefit Masterclass which opened my eyes to the world of what you can do with make-up in a minimal amount of time and without all the faff, an essential to… View Post

Benefit Cosmetics Make-Up Masterclass with Lisa Potter Dixon

It’s a fact! I am Benefit make-up and skincare obsessed! You can imagine that I was beyond excited to hear that as part of the Woman and Home Beauty event, there was going to be a make-up Masterclass with none other than Head Make-Up & Trend Artist, Lisa Potter Dixon; and better still it was being held nearby.  House of Fraser had opened up their Beauty Hall specifically for Woman and Home Magazine, with most of the top beauty brands giving away treatments and make-overs. Greeted by friendly faces and the Benebabes, we kickstarted the evening with a cocktail, well all great evenings start with cocktail,… View Post

Benefit Candy Coated Countdown Final

Another year, another advent calendar completed. The last door has been opened *cue sad face* but at least there are goodies left behind rather than a depleted ripped empty chocolate advent. As you know I have already reviewed what was Benefits first 12 offerings, lets see what the last 12 have brought us. 13. Posietint – Poppy pink tinted lip and cheek stain. This is more subtle than Benetint that we had on Day 11. The great thing about these tints is that unlike blushers that fade quickly, these last pretty much most of the day. Easy to apply and blends… View Post

Benefit Candy Coated Countdown

Half way advent calendar klaxon!!! For the last 12 days I have woken each and every day trying to guess what’s behind the Candy Coated Countdown door, and each day trying to not open every other door! In true Benefit style, each little door has a little quip/quote to correspond to what today’s goodie is. So lets see what the last 12 days have have given us…. 1. Heart shaped paperclips – A little disappointing for the first day of the calendar, but then I am a sucker for anything pink and heart shaped so naturally I loved them, and they… View Post

Benefit Candy Coated Countdown Day 1

Hooray today is the day we can legitimately open our advent calendars!! Now we couldn’t possibly go without our traditional chocolate ones we’ve opted for Malteasers, Dairy Milk, Milky Bar and of course a doggy one for Mr Pug! But I am sure you have seen that there are also some non-traditional ones on sale.  I shopped around on all that were on offer, my oh my there were quite a few, but following from last year I have stuck with Benefits Candy Coated Countdown (as in my previous post). There really isn’t any other reason for getting this one other than… View Post