Benefit Candy Coated Countdown Day 1

Candy Coated CountdownHooray today is the day we can legitimately open our advent calendars!! Now we couldn’t possibly go without our traditional chocolate ones we’ve opted for Malteasers, Dairy Milk, Milky Bar and of course a doggy one for Mr Pug! But I am sure you have seen that there are also some non-traditional ones on sale.  I shopped around on all that were on offer, my oh my there were quite a few, but following from last year I have stuck with Benefits Candy Coated Countdown (as in my previous post). There really isn’t any other reason for getting this one other than I am a complete Benefit addict (and I am not ashamed to admit it)!

Door 1So what is behind door number one I hear you cry…….

Benefit PaperclipsWe have exclusive Benefit heart shaped paperclips. Now I love anything with hearts on so this is a winner with me. However for the first door I am a little disappointed and did expect to see some make up rather than an accessory. Nonetheless onwards and upwards time to open the Milky Bar and put these paperclips to good use :).

I will be keep you all posted on what goodies are behind every door and will do a round up at the end of each week! If you have a beauty or any other advent calendar please let us know what was behind your doors and if you have any comments please post below!

Until next time…

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