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Almost two weeks ago marked the launch of the always anticipated Lush Halloween and Christmas offerings. With my face on and the excitement levels high, off I went to the South East Bloggers Circle Event however we were sadly met with the fact that the event at Lush in Basingstoke was cancelled due to a store flood. These things cannot be helped, however we did get a window of opportunity to peruse all things new, take some pictures and as a token sorry I got to take home a bottle of Snow Fairy (LOVE). 

A Lush store is a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. It was literally a colour explosion everywhere, if the smell wasn’t drawing you closer it was the wall of gifts, the sparkles of glitter and the intriguing nature to explore. 

Lush Shooting Star|| Shooting Stars Soap ||

If I was to ask you what was the one product that springs to mind when you think of Lush what would you say? …… BATH BOMBS! 

Lush Christmas Bath BombsLush Bath Bombs: || The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar || Sherbert Dip || Thundersnow || Think Pink || Shoot for the Stars ||

Yes where would we be without bath bombs, I for one am envious of each and every one of you as I only have a shower at home and with the best will in the world that bath bomb isn’t going to work. 

Lush Halloween and Christmas BathFrom top left ||  Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar || Monster’s Ball || Pumpkin || Butterbear || Magic Wand Bubble Bar || The Snowman ||

There are of course an array of bath bombs in varying shapes, sizes, colours and prices. I love Lush’s ability to be able to create almost anything from a bath bomb, aside from the extremely glittery pumpkin, I adore The Snowman he’s like an even cuter mini Olaf that smells of lemon, and the Monster’s Ball is playing homage to a loveable character from Monster’s Inc. 

Lush Baked Alaska|| Baked Alaska Soap Bar ||

The ranges have certainly expanded and there are some new Naked editions. If you are questioning how Lush have gone naked then join me in raising an eyebrow. 

Lush Naked Shower Gels|| Lush Shower Gels and Naked Shower Gels ||

Yes alongside the expected shower gels and body conditioners, Lush have taken things one step further and you now have the option of buying it stripped of it’s packaging. The premise behind this is great. 

Lush Santa's Christmas and Peppermint BarkFrom Left: || Twilight Naked Shower Gel || Santa’s Christmas || Salt & Peppermint Bark Body Scrub || 

Gone is the squeeze of a bottle with these naked shower gels and instead are a concentrated formula that naturally doesn’t contain water. These innovative snazzy numbers are supposed to hydrate when they hit the shower and lather up just like a shower gel. The jury is obviously still out until I have tried this for myself. Anyone who has I would love to know your thoughts. 

Lush Tree-D|| Tree-D Bath Oil ||

As much as I love Halloween there’s no denying that I am most excited by their Christmas range and who is to blame me when there really is so much more on offer and of course Snow Fairy is back in all its glory and more.

Lush Snow Fairy Gift Box|| Snow Fairy Christmas Gift Set ||

There is what feels like an infinite number of gift boxes, shower gels, jellies, bubble bars, bath bombs, soaps and even sparkle jars – yes bars such as the Snow Fairy Massage Bar that will actually make you all sparkly and glittery, it is as mesmerising and messy as you can imagine. 

When you have settled on what you want to buy there is then the wrapping. As much as I love wrapping presents when the gift wrap service includes something as gorgeous as these re-useable Lush Knot Wraps, who am I to deny. 

Lush Knot Wraps|| Re-useable Knot Wraps ||

Have you spotted something that you want from the Lush Halloween and Christmas range? What’s your favourite Lush product? Let me know.

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