Tideford Organics Risotto Meal Pots *

Anyone else feel a little meh when it comes to sandwiches for lunch? Well you wouldn’t be alone in that feeling! So to spice up lunch time, or anytime for that matter, Tideford Organics risotto meal pots might be the answer, and they’ve kindly gifted me these to try.  Made in their kitchens in Devon, these new risottos are plant-based, suitable for vegans and are gluten free. There are three new flavours to choose from – Risotto Verde – light and citrusy with peas, spinach and a hint of lemon, Mediterranean – made with red and green peppers, courgette and fresh basil and Mushroom & Garlic… View Post

Conscious Organic Raw Chocolate *

Today is a trio of gifted chocolate and not just any chocolate. Conscious by name and conscious by nature is their motto and is the UK’s first raw, vegan chocolate brand. Yes it’s the Conscious Organic Raw Chocolate range.  All three bars are free from gluten, dairy, refined sugars, soya and palm oil. Everywhere you look they have thought of how to make this bar with as little impact on our planet as possible. Each bar is handcrafted in their Sussex kitchens, which is powered by 100% renewable energy sources.  Available in both 30g and 60g bars, you will find… View Post

Pastoret Banana and Biscuit Organic Yoghurt

Today it is all about the humble yoghurt. Pastoret Banana and Biscuit Organic Yoghurt to be precise. This is a new brand for me and one that seems to have just popped up into the fresh aisle of the supermarket. From what started as a family business has expanded from a small workshop to a factory but stuck with traditional artisan methods.  Each costs around £1.75 a pop, I have managed to get these on offer recently so were nearer the £1.00. Each 135g pot comes in a glass pot, sealed top and cardboard sleeve. Far better for the environment. I… View Post

Hippeas Salt and Vinegar Vibes

So I thought I would try and balance things up this time around and to help keep us on an even keel today we have the new Hippeas Salt and Vinegar Vibes* snacks. The Hippeas Cheese Power have been a firm favourite since I tried them last year, however with salt and vinegar being my favourite of flavours we could have a contender on our hands.  The lovely Hippeas Team sent some peas and love in the brightest of boxes and inside was a snazzy shopping bag and these new snacks. I confess I have had these sitting waiting for… View Post

Hippeas Chickpea Puffs

Hip Hip Hippeas* it’s nearly the weekend! I confess that I have seen these about, how can you not with their vibrant yellow packaging, however I have never bought any purely on the basis of them being made from chickpeas. I have no qualms with chickpeas but when it comes to snacks and crisps I am a potato kind of gal and that is where the hand reaches.  Hippeas* are asking you and I to #GivePeasAChance with their range of organic chickpea puffs. Currently in 5 not so generic flavours, these snacks are high in fibre, a good source of… View Post