Lisa Potter Dixon: The Make-Up Manual

The Make Up Manual By Lisa Potter Dixon

If you have not seen Lisa Potter Dixon’s vids then where the hell have you been? She’s witty, has a crazy obsession with glitter, animals and a make-up case worthy of raiding, her Instagram and You Tube videos are the highlight of my week and a refreshing take on beauty that will have you hooked.

I was lucky enough to meet Lisa a few years back when she did a Benefit Masterclass which opened my eyes to the world of what you can do with make-up in a minimal amount of time and without all the faff, an essential to everyday life right there. 

The Make-Up Manual Lisa Potter Dixon Book

Anyway I digress because I am talking about her brand new book – The Make-Up Manual, which is the second instalment to her collection. I heart Easy On The Eyes and when I heard book number two was on its way, well the giddiness from all the excitement set in. To my utter surprise, whilst perusing the Waterstones shelves I found this beauty tucked amongst all the other books. I literally did a double take and wondered if what I was seeing was true as The Make-Up Manual is not due for realise until 13th April. 

Unlike a lot of beauty books I have picked up and put back because it looks like some Ikea furniture instruction manual, this book is simply gorgeous. With a textured cover and all the colours of the rainbow waiting inside, there are easy peasy steps, pictures and tips to give even the basic of beginners the fighting chance. 

All About The Base The Make-Up Manual

Split into 7 sections, Lisa’s personalty shines throughout. A big plus for me is it starts at the very beginning with skincare, the all important base and gives pointers on creating the best look for your face, eyes, lips and those all important brows.

The Make-Up Manual Glasses

I absolutely adore this book. From daytime to dazzling The Make-Up Manual covers everything and is a staple to any beauty beginner and beyond. If like me you find yourself lusting over pretty much every look, FYI the Colourful Smokey Eye is my absolute fave, Lisa has listed every product used so you can create the exact look. 

Out on the 13th April, if you fancy a slice of the sparkle, you can order your copy from pretty much anywhere.

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