Hotel Chocolat Caramalised Banana Selector

Hotel Chocolat Caramel Banana Review

Perfecting a banana flavour isn’t the easiest of things and Hotel Chocolate have had a pretty good go at achieving banana-esque chocolates. There’s been the delicious Banana Bread and not to mention the Banoffee Pie (review here). However can these Hotel Chocolat Caramalised Banana selectors make it 3 in a row? 

With a trio of ‘lavish textures’ this selector boasts layers of caramel, banana white ganache and while almond praline, all encased in 40% milk chocolate and decorated with dark chocolate. 

As ever the selectors are £3.95 a pop or  3 for £10. There is such a variety that the odds are you can’t help but buy 3. These are suitable for vegetarians, are free from artificial colours, flavours and contain no alcohol. Although they don’t contain gluten it does warn there may still be traces.

Hotel Chocolat Caramalised Banana Selector Review

As hoped these had a lovely sweet banana taste to it. Not the kind you find in a foam banana, but the flavour you get in a banoffee pie; sticky with a mix of dark caramel and sweet banana. The almond layer, does give a slight nuttiness to it, but not enough to really take charge. With the three smooth layers, and  a creamy milk chocolate outer shell, you’d think there would be little texture definition, but actually there is. The chocolate shell snaps to give way to a slightly firm banana and almond layer and even softer caramel, making this one indulgent chocolate. 

Well this Hotel Chocolat Caramalised Banana Selector makes it 3 out of 3. Another mighty fine edition to the selector range, even if it is for a short time. Certainly one to try if you like more of a dessert chocolate. 

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  1. The Purley Girly
    28th November 2019 / 9:50 am

    I loved these – so tasty! I hope they stay as part of their regular selection!

    • Nibbles 'n' Scribbles
      28th November 2019 / 7:43 pm

      Scrummy weren’t they! I feel like they probably will to a degree, maybe they will just change the name of them 🙂 x

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