Marks & Spencer Red Velvet Teacakes

Marks and Spencer Red Velvet Teacakes

Teacakes are a thing of beauty. Biscuity base mallowy marshmallow all of which covered in chocolate, what is not to love? Then there is red velvet cake, which happens to be one of my favourite cakes in all the land. The very fact Marks and Spencer have merged the two together sent my excitement levels through the roof! 

As per normal I searched high and low before I flew off to China to find these Red Velvet Teacakes, but alas they were nowhere to be found. Finally I came across these upon my return and at £1 they are simply a bargain.

What constitutes a Red Velvet Teacake? Well it encompasses a cream cheese flavour marshmallow with a chocolate biscuit base, all covered in milk chocolate and topped with red sugar crystals. These little teacakes were little indeed. They are also very delicate and 3 of them were smashed by the time I got home; talk about giving me bad teacake karma.

Marks and Spencer Red Velvet Teacakes

Cutting into these they were rather sticky indeed. Taking a good old bite I was met with mallow marshmallow, crisp creamy milk chocolate, crunchy sprinkles and a softish biscuit base. Standalone these are okay. Don’t get me wrong it’s no Tunnock’s Teacake however they are a nice alternative. Not too sweet or sickly, these teacakes have a perfect ratio of biscuit, to marshmallow to milk chocolate. So wheres the hitch? The Red Velvet is the hitch. Now I do not know what the Marks and Spencer taste testers were thinking when they passed these, because frankly there is not even a smidgen of a Red Velvet feel to them. Even trying the marshmallow alone it was just plain old marshmallow, and the sugar crystals seem to serve no purpose other than perhaps to give it that red element. I am utterly bemused by these Red Velvet Teacakes.

Marks and Spencer had quite the opportunity to make these Red Velvet Teacakes spectacular, however they really do need to go back and have a rethink of these. Teacake it is, Red Velvet Teacake it is not. 

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