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  • Itsu Sweet Berry Dessert Dumplings

    Itsu Sweet Berry Dessert Dumplings
  • Joe and Seph’s Banoffee Pie Popcorn

    Joe and Seph’s Banoffee Pie Popcorn
  • Graze Oat Millionaire Peanut Butter and Dark Cocoa

    Graze Oat Millionaire Peanut Butter and Dark Cocoa
  • Hotel Chocolat Lady Marmalade

    Hotel Chocolat Lady Marmalade
  • Must Have Drinks This Galentine’s Day

    Must Have Drinks This Galentine’s Day

The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company Jelly Bean Jumble

If you are going to receive a chocolate gift why not a chocolate pizza? Not the Chicago Town frozen kind, I am still not so sure about those, but an actual solid chocolate shaped pizza complete with pizza box. If this tickles your fancy then hurrah this is exactly what The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company are doing.  UK born in 2007, these gifts are created by a team of chocolatiers up in Nottingham and now stretch beyond just chocolate pizza. Today we are going back to basics with their Jelly Bean Jumble, which aptly I received as a present as well…

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Fibre One Peanut Butter Popcorn Bars

My experience so far of Fibre One isn’t great. It maybe an unpopular opinion however I just haven’t come across one of their cake bars that I like. That being said my peanut butter addiction is strong and therefore the new Fibre One Peanut Butter Popcorn Bars were on my must try list.  So what are these bars? “Fibre One Peanut Butter Popcorn bars are an irresistibly satisfying combination of fluffy popcorn and crunchy peanuts, dipped in a scrumptious peanut butter coating“. From the description alone it certainly has me wanting to try them.  Popcorn bar with roasted peanuts, wholegrain rolled…

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Retro Corn Cherry Pips Popcorn

Popcorn is one of my favourite snacks and I am always game for trying something new. I stumbled across Retro Corn Cherry Pips Popcorn whilst seeing what was new on Ocado. Retro Corn has basically taken popcorn and added the flavours of childhood sweets. I do raise an eyebrow as to whether crushed sweets should marry with popcorn, but hey lets give it a try. Retro Corn has an array of flavours on offer from Rhubarb and Custard to Cola Cube, Strawberries and Cream and Cherry Pips, and are all made using traditional British sweets. Description – With a delicate…

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Asda Jewellery Laces

Prepare to release your inner child with the new Asda Jewellery Laces* because this is where playing with your food is encouraged! Recently released Asda Jewellery Laces are here to get your creativity juices flowing, and comprises of multicoloured laces and different shaped charms  Although the ingredient list is never going to be perfect, these are sweets after all, they are however free from artificial colours and flavours, and are vegetarian friendly, which is a bonus. As you can see it is colour galore. With the laces long enough to make necklaces and bracelets, the multicoloured charms come in flower, star, heart and circle shapes. …

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Quality Street Gingerbread Matchmakers

Normally I am very anti Christmas foods being sold when it is still hot and 4 months till the big day. That being said I have said it before and I will say it again, I do break this rule when it comes to gingerbread, because frankly gingerbread is great all year round. If you haven’t seen these already then gingerbread lovers these new Quality Street Gingerbread Matchmakers will peak your interest.  Limited edition and currently only available in Tesco, I made it my mission to find these and thankfully I did not have to look too far. With it’s red…

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