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I don’t normally bat an eyelid at Kettle Discoveries because their flavours are a little whacky for me when it comes to crisps, I am a simple Salt and Vinegar girl and proud of it. That said when my lovely chum Kevvie posted these Kettle Discoveries New York Deli with Pastrami, Dill Pickle & Mustard crisps on Instagram I knew I had to try them. So here we are today with sandwich themed crisps on the menu. 

Kettle Discoveries is all about snazzy flavour combinations that are inspired from near and far places and are ultimately here to get us excited. The New York Deli sarnie is quite iconic so Kettle have got some big ole boots to fill here in the flavour department.

This 130g bag was from Sainsbury’s and cost £1.85. Hand cooked and gluten free they have no nasty colourings, msg or artificial flavours. My real bug bear with big bags is the amount of waste in them. Why is it acceptable to only half fill the bag, either make the packaging fit the amount of contents or fill the blooming bag up. 

Kettle Discoveries New York DeliPer 30g: 150 kcal, 08.g sat fat, 0.5g sugar.

As you can see they had quite an orangey hue to them and were predominantly large in size. A little too greasy for my liking, they certainly had some flavour to them. The meaty flavour was the first to become apparent but only for a minute as the gherkin flavour soon snuck in giving a nice salty and slightly sour edge to it. The mustard was the last flavour which gave a real kick and I got that odd tingling feeling at the back of my nose, much like when you eat a tad too much mustard or horseradish sauce. 

If I closed my eyes it would be really hard to pinpoint the pastrami in there but kudos to nailing the gherkin and mustard flavour. I am glad I tried these Kettle Discoveries New York Deli crisps, they are nice and slightly moreish in a peculiar way, but I can’t say I would go out my way to buy them again. 

What’s your thoughts on the Kettle Discoveries range? 

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  1. Edward
    4th October 2017 / 10:58 am

    Going to go with a firm no on these – really do not appeal to my taste buds…..I absolutely agree with packaging sizes – lots out there in the news etc. regarding items shrinking in size and weight but staying the same price. Very annoying! Like you say, make the packaging smaller or fill the big bag up!!

    As always Nib’s amazing review!

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