Maryland Cookies Desserts Mississippi Mud Pie and New York Cheesecake

Mayland Cookies Desserts Biscuits

Is it a cookie or a biscuit? It has the hallmarks of a cookie with its looks and choc chips, but it screams biscuit with its shorter crumblier texture. Maryland Cookies aren’t really the go, but when I spied the Maryland Cookies Desserts range I couldn’t resist giving them a try.

The range has certainly grown from just the humble choc chip, double choc and hazelnut variety and now includes Maryland Wonders, Big & Chunky, Sugar Free and Maryland Cookies Desserts. These come in two flavours, Mississippi Mud Pie and New York Cheesecake. 

Randomly these were found in the foodie section of the garden centre and were a rounded £1 a pack. I’ve not seen these in the Supermarkets so if you have then let us all know. The New York Cheesecake Cookies are vanilla flavour cookies with white chocolate chips. The Mississippi Mud Pie are chocolate flavour cookies with chocolate and caramel pieces. Let’s get tasting.

Maryland Dessert Cookies New York Cheesecake and Mississippi Mud Pie

With biscuits comes tea, and there’s no exception here. They certainly looked like a Maryland Cookie but had a really sickly sweet smell to them. Of the two the New York Cheesecake was the best. And by best I mean most edible. Both were pretty soft and verging on staled, yet were fully sealed and the best before date was miles away, so not sure why this was.

Flavour wise, neither tasted as their namesake. The New York Cheesecake was very sweet and the white chocolate was nondescript. Interestingly there was a little zestyness to it, which was the nicest part. The Mississippi Mud however tasted a bit dirty. I know that sounds odd but I can’t think of any other way to describe it other than probably a low quality chocolate. The caramel was a tad more detectable and had a little chewiness to it. Ultimately though it was let down by the chocolate flavouring. 

Well neither of these Maryland Cookies Desserts were a hit. They fall far short of the mark. They don’t remind me of cheesecake or Mississippi mud pie, and frankly Maryland’s other cookies are far better. Personally I’d give these a miss. 

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