Terry’s White Chocolate Orange Minis

Another week another chocolate orange find. It seems we are inundated with new snacks all bearing the orange flavour and the public are LOVING it! These Terry’s White Chocolate Orange Minis are a new release but in itself the white chocolate version isn’t a newbie and has made a comeback for Christmas.  Coming in at £1.50 a pack these were found in the Co-Op, and seems to be where the majority have been spotted. They are slowly hitting supermarkets so keep your eyes on the aisles.  It has been a while since we have had a review that didn’t fair… View Post

Rococo Chocolates Roald Dahl James’ Scrumptious Peach

Chocolate lovers rejoice because this is the place for you. Those eagle eyed readers will remember me talking about Rococo Chocolates as part of my Covent Garden Hidden Gems post (here). Upon discovering this store of eccentric wonder I could not have walked away empty handed, and one of my purchases included this Roald Dahl James’ Scrumptious Peach bar  From freshly handmade truffles, to chocolate bars, thins and animal shaped creations, there’s something for everyone. They’ve also teamed up with Roald Dahl to create a fantabulous phizzwhizzing range destined to take you back to your childhood! From Fantastic Mr Fox, Matilda, Bruce… View Post

White Chocolate Smarties Buttons

Happy Friday! Smarties fans you are in for a treat! After 83 years you can now get Smarties in button form, what a time to be alive! You may have seen my review of the Milk Chocolate Smarties Buttons earlier this week, if you didn’t you can catch up here. Today it is the turn of these White Chocolate Smarties Buttons. They are available in sharing (err what does that mean?) and single packs. Each white choc sharing pouch contains 85g and has a pretty excessive size bag for the actual contents. As mentioned before the sizes do differ depending… View Post

White Chocolate Snickers Limited Edition

White Chocolate Snickers, say what!! Yes this limited edition bar has somehow made its way over here whether intentionally or by fluke, I do not care because finally I get to try it! Snickers have created some real goodens, there was the joy that was the Snickers Ice Cream, the Peanut Butter Snickers and the Mini Snicker Bites that were lethal because before you knew it you had snaffled the bag. Now the White Chocolate Snickers isn’t a newbie as such as it was circling Europe a year or so ago, and people in the UK were going crazy to… View Post

McVitie’s White Chocolate Nibbles

Okay so technically these are a Christmas edition however given the delightfulness of the other McVitie’s Nibbles I couldn’t not try these new McVitie’s White Chocolate Nibbles. It is well over a year since the original Mcvitie’s Nibbles came on the scene in four flavours including Dark Chocolate and Caramel. It is about time that we had a new flavour and what better reason than for the festive run-up. This snowflake themed 120g bag has been spotted in Tesco as well as Ocado which is where I purchased these for  a rounded £1.oo. As with most packaging it is deceiving and… View Post