Go Ahead! Salted Caramel Dippers

Go Ahead! Crunchy Dippers Salted Caramel

Go Ahead! are already a well established brand that has everything from Yoghurt Breaks, Fruity Bakes, Cookie Bites and Pud Bakes, however that hasn’t stopped them from adding a new range of snacks to tantalise our tastebuds. The new Dippers range consists of three varieties – Coconut & Vanilla, Cocoa & Almond and Salted Caramel. I cannot say I am surprised that salted caramel has made an appearance, after all this concoction is still going strong. 

Go Ahead! Salted Caramel DippersSalted Caramel Flavoured Dip with Mini Breadsticks

This funky shaped pot was a little present from Sam (thank you Sam!), she didn’t like them and wanted me to give them a go. Who am I to deny food offerings! These dipper pots come in packs of 4, cost £2.00 and are sold in all major supermarkets. As snack packs go theses are a decent size and are sturdy so there is no squishable risk if they are slung in the bottom of your bag.

Go Ahead! Salted Caramel DippersPer pot: 149 kcal, 2.3g sat fat, 7.8g sugar, 2.1g protein

Crispy crunchy breadsticks and smooth salted caramel dip what is not to love here? To be fair I was all prepared for some mediocre snack that may have resembled some form of caramel like flavour and I hold my hands up and say I was proved wrong. The dip had a lovely smooth, buttery caramel flavour that had the perfect saltiness to it which naturally made the perfect accompaniment to the crunchy and not too dry breadsticks.

Go Ahead! Salted Caramel Dippers I am pleasantly surprised. A delightful little snack that delivered the salted caramel flavour I wasn’t expecting. For me it was hard to make the dip last for all the breadsticks and a smidge more dip wouldn’t be a bad thing, but overall a must try for you all. 

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