Beaulieu Chocolate Studio Forest Fruit

Forest Fruit Beaulieu Chocolate Studio

Beaulieu Chocolate Studio is nestled in the New Forest and they create contemporary and local speciality chocolates which are all hand-made using fresh an where possible local ingredients.

Beaulieu Chocolate Studio Forest Fruit bar is another newbie for me. Perusing their website is both a must but also dangerous, there are some serious delights on there. Amaretti (WANT), Banoffee, Coconut and Rocky Road chocolate, to chocolate shaped novelty items, speciality pieces and hot chocolate. This is a chocoholics mini paradise. At £3.95 a bar it is on the pricer side for chocolate, so let’s see if it is worth it.

Beaulieu Chocolate Studio Forest FruitHandmade milk chocolate bar with raspberries (2%), strawberries (2%) and blackcurrants (1%). 

Look at that beauty of a bar, doesn’t it look enchanting. You really cannot grumble at the amount of fruit included here. The middle of the bar was the fruitiest of the lot, not surprising really as this is primarily where the pieces of fruit have congregated. The bar itself was a lovely creamy milk chocolate that was silky smooth and worked with the tartness that came from the varying fruits. The more the fruit the chewier the piece, but ultimately I didn’t mind the texture variation. 

In principle I wasn’t too sure that the Beaulieu Chocolate Studio could pull off adding freeze dried fruit but ultimately they did. I feel the bar would be better price nearer £3 and save the slightly higher price for the more premium ingredient bars. Marvellous effort, next on my list to try is certainly their Amaretti bar. 

What’s your favourite chocolate bar?

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