Willy Chase’s Fit Popcorn

Today’s review is all about popcorn and not just any popcorn, Willy Chase’s Fit Popcorn. Willy decided that enough was enough and things needed to change. So he abandoned the fryer and got to work on making tasty good for you foods and ta-da Fit Popcorn was born. Straight from the farmer this butterfly corn is hand popped in Herefordshire and made with no nasties. Free from gluten, frying, wheat, peanuts and guilt, Willy has created a range of popcorn under his philosophy for us folks to eat local, fresh foods, exercise lots and avoid fatty snacks.  The lovely people over at… View Post

HECK Smoky Paprika Chicken Chicken Sausages

I am not phased by sausages, I don’t particularly like them and they are never my choice of food however that was until chicken sausages entered my life. Chicken sausages are becoming more readily available in supermarkets and I spied these HECK Smoky Paprika Chicken ones and was dying to give them a whirl.  Boasting to be lower in fat and better for you than the traditional sausages, these make for a healthy eaters dream. Not only are they low fat, rejoice because they are also wheat, gluten and dairy free! HECK have a number of varieties on offer – Chicken… View Post

Betty Bakes Marathon Flapjack

Ever since the Cupcake Snack Warrior over at Reaching for Refreshment and Kevvie Kev over at Kev’s Snack Reviews have raved about Betty Bakes being as scrummy as they look, I have been on the lookout to try some. Low and behold on one of my numerous trips to Longacres Garden Centre I spied a lonely slightly cracked looking Betty Bakes bar in a basket, and lady luck must have been on my side because it was Betty Bakes Marathon Flapjack, which has, yes you guessed it Peanut Butter!!  Free from additives and nasties, made using all natural ingredients including… View Post

Rebel Kitchen Mylks Chocolate & Banana

I first spied Rebel Kitchen Mylks at the Food Blogger Event last year and really liked the whole concept. It wasn’t until I was shopping in Waitrose last week that I came across Rebel Kitchen Mylks for kids on offer for 2 for £4, and thought I would give them a whirl, primarily because they had Banana (why is it so hard to find banana these days?)! Rebel Kitchen Mylks are dairy free, contain no refined sugar, additives or preservatives and are suitable for vegans, those following a paleo diet, and are gluten, nut and soy free. So in a nutshell pretty much… View Post