Fantastic British Food Festival – Sandown Park Food Festival 2016

Fantastic British Food Festival Sandown Park

It wasn’t until earlier this month that I even knew about the Sandown Park Food Festival. A little email popped into my inbox telling me all about the event and asking whether I would like tickets to go. I jumped at the chance, food festivals are my favourite of all festivals. 

Last weekend marked the next location in a series of venues across Britain that Fantastic British Food Festivals have organised for the year. With a name like Fantastic British Food Festivals they really are setting the bar high. 

Olivier's Bakery

At the beginning of the month I went to the Woking Food & Drink Festival for a 2nd year and it left me feeling pretty deflated. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Sandown or indeed what the set up would be. Turns out it was both an innie and an outtie festival which was perfect for the rather unpredictable British weather we have been having. 

The Whisky Lounge

With an exhibition layout of stalls there was quite the mix of brands, award-winning chefs, demonstrations, workshops and of course new food and drink to explore, try and buy. I really liked the layout, it was well thought out, similar stalls weren’t plonked next to one another, there was ample room and the walkthrough flowed nicely. Parents rejoice also because there was a kids area, convienently placed opposite The Whisky Lounge for if things had gotten a little too much and you needed a tipple!

55 Above Vodka & Gin 55 Above – Pineapple vodka prayers have been answered here!

It was lovely to see that there were brands that I had not come across before as well as being local and independent. All the stallholders I spoke to were so friendly and absolutely lovely, with each and every one of them passionate about their stall, whether it be they were promoting it on behalf of a company or it being their bread and butter. 

Marshmallow Heaven

There was enough on offer to suit everyone. There were certainly some highlights for me namely the peanut butter. I couldn’t believe that not only did I find peanut butter marshmallows by Marshmallow Heaven but also Gluten Free peanut butter French Macarons and chocolate brownies by Pinch of This. Spoiler alert the brownie – Bellissimo. I have also finally found where I can get VitHit drinks by the box load, which excited me greatly, if you are a fan like me they will soon be available with FoodyLicious


Naturally being a Food Festival, lunch was covered. Outside there were about 8 different food vans offering a variety of cuisines from churros, to scones, to gyoza, to low and slow ribs, and the world’s largest paella pan I’ve ever seen, look at the size of it! The Duck Truck won us over though with it’s delicious crispy duck and hoisin wrap, it reminded me how much I love these. Small criticism though – more sauce was required! 

The Duck Truck Crispy Duck Wrap The Duck Truck – Crispy Duck Wrap with Hoisin Sauce £6.00 

I left feeling elated and significantly lighter in the pocket, haha, but with some delicious goods in hand which you will see some pop on the blog very soon. Sandown Park Food Festival was indeed a Fantastic British Food Festival and I highly recommend foodie lovers go. The final two festivals are Polesden Lacey on the 1st-2nd October, and Kempton Park on 10th-11th December. For more info and tickets visit their website here

Lastly a big thank you to Fantastic British Food Festivals for sending me the tickets. I am already looking forward to next year. 

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