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    Maryland Cookies ‘n’ Cream
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    Rococo Chocolates Roald Dahl James’ Scrumptious Peach
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    Afternoon Tea at Vertigo 42
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    New Lotus Biscoff Cream Biscuits
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    Mister Free’d Tortilla Chips *
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    White’s Oats Recipes Getting us through Lockdown and Beyond
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    Mr Kipling After Dinner Chocolate Orange Fancies

Bloggers Food Festival

Thanks to The Bloggers Hub, Monday marked my first Food Festival for Bloggers, and what a fab event it was. Centred in London at Kanaloa, there was plenty on offer, and I didn’t get lost trying to find it! The range of Brands was diverse from naturally fruity baked nibbles courtesy of Urban Fruit (baked is definitely better), to deliciously squishy marshmallows by Miss Millars (the blackberry crumble OMG), and delectable macaroons from L’Orchidee (hello watermelon heaven). Breakfast has also been covered by Cereal Lovers 100% natural granola and Stoats Porridge bars. It was great to see some Gluten Free options, and Thanks for Frank’s do…

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Waitrose Seriously Fruity Apple Strudel

My go-to pudding is always an apple crumble or pie, I just cannot resist. Strudels are rare and far between in the supermarkets and I was pleasantly surprised to see Waitrose Seriously Fruity Apple Strudel. Their strudel consists of filo pastry filled with lightly spiced apples and raisins, topped with almonds and dusted to finish. I picked this up at the weekend for £4.29, it is not the cheapest of dessert choices but the seriously apply contents won me over. Serving 4 and with a 1/4 serving being 219 kcal and 1g sat fat, it is pretty good for a pastry pud.  After…

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Müller Light Chocolate Fix Layers Chocolate & Caramel

I am a Müller fan and am always eager to try new additions to the range. As such Müller have introduced a fair few new additions recently that have been rather lacklustre. Was anybody else disappointed by the Müller Light Goodies editions? After searching high and low for what felt like forever, I was seriously disappointed by them! Probably owing to the fact I rarely shop in Tesco, I have only ever seen the original Müller Light Chocolate Fix ones; these Chocolate and Caramel layered ones are new to me. I’ll admit there was a slight hesitation in buying these due to the recent track record,…

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Krispy Kreme Cheesecake Doughnuts

Cheesecake + Doughnut = a Cheesecake Doughnut. Krispy Kreme have taken charge and merged the two, and hey presto we have Salted Caramel Cheesecake and Luscious Lemon Cheesecake. I half expected the Salted Caramel version, given salted caramel is absolutely everywhere, but the Lemon is a fab alternative.  Whilst out and about today I had a hankering for a doughnut! You can’t buy 2, they look far too lonely in the box, so 3 it is – thank you Krispy Kreme free doughnut every month for a year card!  Filled with salted caramel and vanilla cheesecake, topped with cheesecake icing, crunchy biscuits,…

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Posh Pickles Vietnamese Lemongrass and Chilli Relish

Think of relish and I bet you don’t tick off half the number that Posh Pickles has to offer! I was lucky enough to try one of Posh Pickles handmade relishes through The Bloggers Hub, and after deliberating I opted for Sa Va Tu’o’ng ot*. What is Sa Va Tu’o’ng to? In foodie terms – Vietnamese Lemongrass and Chilli Relish, described as a spicy, sweet, sour and salty marinade, made only from Rapeseed oil, lemongrass, garlic, spring onion, red Thai chilli, sugar, lime juice, fish sauce, salt. Soon enough my sample arrived, and despite the slight leakage, and my postie wondering what the delicious smell was, Steph kindly…

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