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  • McVities Marmalade on Toast Digestives

    McVities Marmalade on Toast Digestives
  • McVities Cherry Bakewell Digestives

    McVities Cherry Bakewell Digestives
  • New Limited Edition Costa Ruby Hot Chocolate

    New Limited Edition Costa Ruby Hot Chocolate
  • White Chocolate Smarties Buttons

    White Chocolate Smarties Buttons
  • Milk Chocolate Smarties Buttons

    Milk Chocolate Smarties Buttons
  • KitKat Chocolatory Springtime In Japan

    KitKat Chocolatory Springtime In Japan
  • Red Velvet Cupcake Baileys

    Red Velvet Cupcake Baileys
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs

    Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs

Benefit Candy Coated Countdown

Half way advent calendar klaxon!!! For the last 12 days I have woken each and every day trying to guess what’s behind the Candy Coated Countdown door, and each day trying to not open every other door! In true Benefit style, each little door has a little quip/quote to correspond to what today’s goodie is. So lets see what the last 12 days have have given us…. 1. Heart shaped paperclips – A little disappointing for the first day of the calendar, but then I am a sucker for anything pink and heart shaped so naturally I loved them, and they…

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Vincent & Flavia – Dance ‘Til Dawn

This week we were invited up to watch Flavia and Vincent’s new hit show Dance ‘Til Dawn, which is currently at the Aldwych Theatre in Covent Garden. As expected Covent Garden was twinkling away with Christmas Lights, giant Christmas trees and even a Lego reindeer scene, which certainly got us feeling festive! Having not seen their previous show we were unsure what to expect. For those who are wondering what the show has in store and without giving too much away….. Dance ‘Til Dawn transports you to the glitz of 1940s Los Angeles, and in the midst of filming the leading man is murdered. A…

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Benefit Candy Coated Countdown Day 1

Hooray today is the day we can legitimately open our advent calendars!! Now we couldn’t possibly go without our traditional chocolate ones we’ve opted for Malteasers, Dairy Milk, Milky Bar and of course a doggy one for Mr Pug! But I am sure you have seen that there are also some non-traditional ones on sale.  I shopped around on all that were on offer, my oh my there were quite a few, but following from last year I have stuck with Benefits Candy Coated Countdown (as in my previous post). There really isn’t any other reason for getting this one other than…

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Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar

Just 2 more days till December and 2 more days to get through before I can begin opening the doors to this years Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar, Candy Coated Countdown *cheers*. Last years advent calendar, Countdown to Love (right) sold out in a matter of seconds after hours of their website failing, and they had none in any Debenhams shops remotely near us. I was however lucky enough to get my hands on one (thank you to my friend in the US!!). I loved last years but then I must confess I am a Benefit addict, I cannot go near a Benefit counter without looking and usually…

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Montezuma’s Tequila Cubes Kingdom Chocolate Bars

Over the weekend we popped to our local town and Montezuma’s have sneakily opened without us even knowing! Not that we needed any persuasion to peruse the shop, but the lovely sales assistants were offering some delectable goodies to try – their Christmas chocolate truffle filled snowman and milk chocolate butterscotch bar (YUM). For a small shop they had a good range and it was hard to not buy most of it! The first thing that caught our eye was the vibrant packaging of the Kingdom chocolate bars. Kingdom are Montezuma’s ‘little brother’ offering a range of vibrant, innovative and unique…

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