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  • Mr Kipling Lemonade and Elderflower Cake Slices

    Mr Kipling Lemonade and Elderflower Cake Slices
  • Ritter Sport Spiced Biscuit

    Ritter Sport Spiced Biscuit
  • KIND Dark Chocolate Almond Bars

    KIND Dark Chocolate Almond Bars
  • Queen of Tarts Snow Fairie Wax Melt Dupe

    Queen of Tarts Snow Fairie Wax Melt Dupe
  • Pancake Day with White’s Oats *

    Pancake Day with White’s Oats *

Tesco Finest Roast Turkey Stuffing Crisps

It’s so close to Christmas we can almost smell the Roast Dinner cooking! Today’s post is a take on the humble roast and is Tesco Finest Roast Turkey Stuffing Crisps. There are a number of Crisp companies that have bought out the festive dinner flavour, but can Tesco win the taste factor? Originally I was on the hunt for the Tesco Finest Prosecco and Elderberry Crisps but surprise surprise they were no where to be found, and I have checked a number of times. Nonetheless not one to leave empty handed I spied these Limited Edition Roast Turkey and Stuffing…

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Marks & Spencer Cafe Turkey Feast

It’s Christmas Week!! What is one of the best things about Christmas? Festive Sarnie’s that’s what. It is a time of year when I eat so many of them that by the end of it I’m surprised I don’t look like one. I am also bemused as to why you can only buy them at Christmas. Yes I am fully aware the turkey, cranberry, stuffing situation is traditionally Christmas, however I would buy this all year round.  Whilst meeting the mothership in town the other day I rocked up to M&S cafe rather late with not a lot of time…

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Ritter Sport Rum Raisins Hazelnuts

Bournville Old Jamaica has seemingly disappeared from the shelves and frankly I have been mourning the loss of it. Whilst doing a mad dash Sainsbury’s shop the Fathership spied Ritter Sport Rum Raisins Hazelnuts chocolate bar; could this be the answer to our rum raisin chocolate prayers?  At £1.40 for 100g bar, I didn’t think this was too bad. The bar was square with pretty thick chunks, you couldn’t spot the raisins as a solid bar but breaking apart, boy was it jam packed with raisins and hazelnut pieces. Now I am not usually one for nuts in chocolate, and was a little…

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Taffy Mail Subscription Box Part 2

Friday marked Part 1 (read it here if you missed it) of the Taffy Mail Classic Subscription box so naturally today’s post is the concluding part, hurrah!  So let’s get to it.  Funyuns Onion Flavoured Rings: These Funyuns are an unknown entity to me, however I have of course come across onion flavoured ring crisps, they are a buffet staple! This packet was rather mushed when it arrived and as expected the onions rings inside were not exactly fully formed. Opening up I expected to be hit with onion flavour, like you get with Monster Munch, but alas there was none.…

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Taffy Mail Classic Box Part 1

Taffy Mail The UK’s only American Sweet Subscription Box. Depending on the subscription, there are 3 to choose from, each month you can expect to receive up to 20 American Sweet treats delivered right to your door. The lovely people at Taffy Mail sent me this month’s Classic Box* to try, and boy was I excited about it!  The Taffy Mail Classic Box is the middle of the pack costing £14.99 and comes with 10-12 American Sweets and 1 can of soda. This month’s box consisted of 10 goodies and 1 can of soda. So what are we waiting for,…

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