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  • Itsu Sweet Berry Dessert Dumplings

    Itsu Sweet Berry Dessert Dumplings
  • Joe and Seph’s Banoffee Pie Popcorn

    Joe and Seph’s Banoffee Pie Popcorn
  • Graze Oat Millionaire Peanut Butter and Dark Cocoa

    Graze Oat Millionaire Peanut Butter and Dark Cocoa
  • Hotel Chocolat Lady Marmalade

    Hotel Chocolat Lady Marmalade
  • Must Have Drinks This Galentine’s Day

    Must Have Drinks This Galentine’s Day

Hotel Chocolat Rhubarb and Custard

Rhubarb and Custard a classic British flavour and dessert, and defiantly firm on my favourites list. Whilst perusing the Hotel Chocolat Selectors I came across this one as well as the rather lack lustre Peanut Butter one, which I reviewed here in case you missed it. Rather than debating between the two I did what anyone else would and bought both! Rhubarb ganache layered with custard flavoured white chocolate, sealed in a milk and white chocolate vanilla seed shell.  Like the Peanut Butter Selector this too is jam packed inside, and you can certainly see the distinct layers. From the first bite I…

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Joe & Seph’s Fruity Cosmopolitan Popcorn

Happy Hump Day Everyone! Today’s post is not just about any old popcorn but cocktail popcorn. Yes there is such a thing. Courtesy of the fabulous Cupcake Snack Warrior who a little while back sent me one of her amazing food packages which included Joe & Seph’s Fruity Cosmopolitan, which as it happens is one of four boozy pouches they have on offer. It’s common knowledge that Cosmopolitan is my all time favourite cocktail, well we all want to be a little like those ladies in Sex and the City, the very fact that Joe & Seph’s have bought the cocktail to the popcorn…

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Waitrose Christmas Millionaires Salted Caramel Shortbread

Christmas is fast approaching and Shops and Supermarkets are emblazoned with Christmas everything, there is no escaping it. Whilst popping out to grab some lunch at our new Waitrose, yes I got their festive sarnie and boy was it a gooden, something caught my eye and it was this little number; Waitrose Christmas Millionaires Salted Caramel Shortbread.   The salted caramel craze is still going strong however it wasn’t what won me over, in fact I hadn’t clocked it was even salted caramel until further inspection. What did win me over was the simple fact it was glittery and looked rather exciting…

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Hotel Chocolat Peanut Butter

Another day and another peanut butter find. Now I haven’t come across these before so I can only assume that Hotel Chocolat have released some newbies, and have finally jumped on the peanut butter band wagon. Hurrah!  These selector packs offer 6 chocolates for £3.75, and are all of a perfect size. Enough for a chocolate fix but you can easily have more than one if you fancy it.  Salted peanut praline sealed in a milk chocolate shell You can see from the inside that it is jam packed with praline, which makes for a promising chocolate. I will shock you…

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The Launch of The Baking Club by Bakedin

There are beauty boxes, snack boxes, fitness boxes and now there is the baking box. Since the Bloggers Food Festival back in July, I have been eagerly awaiting Bakedin to launch The Baking Club. What is The Baking Club I hear you ask? Well it’s a unique baking kit developed exclusively by Michael Roux for Bakedin, and is delivered through your letterbox every month. Simple. This month marked the launch of their very first The Baking Club box with none other than Sticky Toffee Banana Loaf. The kit contained all of the pre-weighed dry ingredients you’ll need, an easy to follow recipe card, a conversion card, skewer…

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