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  • Itsu Sweet Chocolate and Banana Dessert Dumplings

    Itsu Sweet Chocolate and Banana Dessert Dumplings
  • Party Seasons: Champagne & Prosecco Cocktails

    Party Seasons: Champagne & Prosecco Cocktails
  • KIND Sea Salt Nut Bars

    KIND Sea Salt Nut Bars
  • Ocean Spray Cranberry Original and No Added Sugar Juice

    Ocean Spray Cranberry Original and No Added Sugar Juice
  • Pip & Nut Chocolate Orange Almond Butter

    Pip & Nut Chocolate Orange Almond Butter

Taffy Mail Classic Box Part 1

Taffy Mail The UK’s only American Sweet Subscription Box. Depending on the subscription, there are 3 to choose from, each month you can expect to receive up to 20 American Sweet treats delivered right to your door. The lovely people at Taffy Mail sent me this month’s Classic Box* to try, and boy was I excited about it!  The Taffy Mail Classic Box is the middle of the pack costing £14.99 and comes with 10-12 American Sweets and 1 can of soda. This month’s box consisted of 10 goodies and 1 can of soda. So what are we waiting for,…

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Pringles Pigs in Blankets

I have searched high and low for these Pringles Pigs in Blankets but it wasn’t until I was on mission festive sarnie at Waitrose, that I spotted the last tube looking all lonely on the shelf. Being the kind person that I am I couldn’t let these Pringles be on their lonesome anymore, so in my basket they went. Pringles are a right of passage when it comes to the festivities in our house, so naturally it is only right that Pringles release a festive version. The packaging is slightly festive however I feel they could have gone a bit further than a…

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Thomas. J. Fudge’s Florentines

Florentines, nutty, caramelly & chocolatey, what could be more perfect? I don’t often buy florentines on the basis a lot on offer has orange peel in and that just isn’t right. Whilst surveying the treats in Waitrose I came across Thomas. J. Fudge’s Florentines, and anything that promises a marvellous merrymaking treasure box is something I cannot pass up.  First off I love the packaging! This treasure box consists of 16 petite milk, white and dark chocolate florentines presented within a cardboard and plastic tray. These little florentines are beyond cute and each were pretty much exactly the same size, thickness…

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Dairy Milk Snow Bites

Are we all feeling festive yet? I know I am, I mean who doesn’t love waking up to it being totally acceptable to have chocolate before anything else!! So being in the festive mood that I am, today’s post is also a festive number in the name of Dairy Milk Snow Bites. A week or so ago I was hit by a snowball. Not just a snowball, oh no, a Dairy Milk snowball no less, and a few days later these little Dairy Milk Snow Bites landed on my doorstep. Solid milk chocolate balls in crisp sugar shells dusted with…

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Greggs Christmas Muffin

It’s December and it’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas *cue excited face*.  I am not exactly a Greggs fan but I am not one to pass up a festive good. So given there was a Greggs nearby my work meeting, I decided their Christmas Muffin was in order.  A mixed spice and sweet mincemeat muffin topped with fondant icing and a sugar decoration. If you have seen the advert you will know the muffin also consists of an oozing custard style middle, that in itself makes me want to eat it. Presented in by far my favourite feel…

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