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  • Tesco Rhubarb and Custard Creams

    Tesco Rhubarb and Custard Creams
  • Limited Edition Strawberry Jaffa Cakes

    Limited Edition Strawberry Jaffa Cakes
  • Nestle KitKat Ruby Chocolate

    Nestle KitKat Ruby Chocolate
  • Maryland Cookies Desserts Mississippi Mud Pie and New York Cheesecake

    Maryland Cookies Desserts Mississippi Mud Pie and New York Cheesecake
  • The Naked Marshmallow Co Mini Egg Marshmallows

    The Naked Marshmallow Co Mini Egg Marshmallows

Belinda Clark Mellow Mallow Gingerbread & Natural Orange & Chocolate

There is something unbelievably delightful about eating pillowy, gooey marshmallows that hits the spot like no other confectionary. We have waved goodbye to the average Flump because it is all about the gourmet marshmallow now.  I came across these Belinda Clark Mellow Mallow Marshmallows whilst doing my Ocado Shop, yes I went slight off plan. With a strap line of ‘expertly handmade confectionery to surprise your senses and tickle your tastebuds’, I couldn’t not buy some. There were a number of flavours on offer and on this occasion I opted for Gingerbread and Chocolate Orange. So lets get down to marshmallow business. First…

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Rebel Kitchen Mylks Chocolate & Banana

I first spied Rebel Kitchen Mylks at the Food Blogger Event last year and really liked the whole concept. It wasn’t until I was shopping in Waitrose last week that I came across Rebel Kitchen Mylks for kids on offer for 2 for £4, and thought I would give them a whirl, primarily because they had Banana (why is it so hard to find banana these days?)! Rebel Kitchen Mylks are dairy free, contain no refined sugar, additives or preservatives and are suitable for vegans, those following a paleo diet, and are gluten, nut and soy free. So in a nutshell pretty much…

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Luscombe Madagascan Vanilla Soda

Luscombe Drinks are a little UK company down in Devon who kindly sent me their Madagascan Vanilla Soda* to try. I have not come across Luscombe drinks before nor anyone who has put vanilla with soda, and I for one was excited to try something completely new and unique.  Twisting the cap open there was that hiss as the air escaped. There was a slight fizz and the smell of vanilla was instant upon pouring. Soda is naturally quite a dry drink but surprisingly this really wasn’t dry at all, and to a degree quenched my thirst. The vanilla was a…

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Snickers Peanut Butter Squared

Being the Peanut Butter lover that I am, my gorgeous bestie found a Snickers Peanut Butter Squared whilst on holiday and proclaimed it was the best thing in all the land. Rather than letting me sob in a corner that I had missed out, she bought me one back! She’s a keeper isn’t she!  Caramel, nougat, milk chocolate, roasted peanuts and peanut butter squished into two square-shaped nuggets. As you can see one of the squares was a little smooshed but that certainly wasn’t going to put me off. Cutting in half there were 3 distinct layers all encased by milk…

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Milky Way French Vanilla and Caramel

There is something truly satisfying when it comes to a Milky Way and I was rather intrigued by this Milky Way French Vanilla and Caramel bar that I spied in Longacres Garden Centre no less. It’s not just your average garden centre to be fair, it is the mothership of all garden centres that sells everything except the kitchen sink ,and has a pretty darn good food hall, butchers, bakery and fresh flower department. If there is ever a Garden Centre to go to this is the one.  Longacres has a cave of goodies and I could have happily bought quite a…

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