English Cheesecake Company Lotus Biscoff

When it comes to dessert cheesecake comes way way way down the list. In fact it would rarely make the cut, I know what sorcery is this. Sorry I am more of a crumble or ice cream kind of gal. That being said this English Cheesecake Company Lotus Biscoff cheesecake literally had me at biscoff. Although this was from Waitrose you can buy bigger ones from their website, which includes a Vegan version. This version cost £5.00, serves 6 and is suitable for vegetarians. It isn’t new on the shelves and I think has been around for a while.  ‘Rich… View Post

White’s Oats Recipes: Summer is Here *

Who said that oats are strictly just for brekkie? Summer is well and truly here and with that comes the entertaining, garden parties, picnics or just lighter meals. White’s Oats are here to give us some sun-spiration with these delicious recipes. There are of course benefits to eating oats. They’re an excellent source of fibre, protein, vitamins and antioxidants and help to keep us fuller for longer.  Using organic oat flakes White Oats are gently steamed and rolled for a supremely creamy taste and hearty texture. And they are certainly for more than just a bowl of porridge. Today there… View Post

Oppo Madagascan Vanilla Cheesecake

If someone said to you here’s a cheesecake that isn’t as sinful as a traditional slice of cheesecake but still tastes as good, you would probably think they were off their rocker. Well Oppo have potentially given us just that. Coming in a trio of flavours today’s review is the Oppo Madagascan Vanilla Cheesecake. If you haven’t come across Oppo then they were the ones that made sugar free ice cream taste darn good. FYI Mint Choc Chip is my fave. However no longer is this their only guilt free treat, the new range of chilled cheesecakes has been 2 years… View Post

KitKat Chunky New York Cheesecake

Aside from the mass KitKat Chunky war where peanut butter one, obviously, KitKat have seemingly been churning out the Chunky bars in an array of flavours and not really told anyone about it. We have had Cookie Dough, Mocha and Double Caramel to name a few but now it is the turn of the KitKat Chunky New York Cheesecake. I wouldn’t have even known this had existed if it wasn’t for the lovely Charlotte and after her simple ‘it was so nice‘ I knew I had to give it a whirl. As always these gems tend to find themselves in Tesco… View Post

Oreo Cheesecake

I have spied the Oreo Cheesecake lurking in the freezer aisle many times. Always tempted but never taken the plunge, until today. I love Oreos as much as the next person but am dubious of frozen desserts, and after the Oreo Yoghurt I am right to have my reservations.  This 350g cheesecake was £3.00 from Sainsbury’s which I thought was a very reasonable price indeed. When it came to how to actually get the cheesecake out the plastic casing, the instructions were not brilliant. FYI the easiest way is to cut diagonal slits into the case and pull apart. To… View Post