M&S Milk and Cookies Granola

M&S Milk and Cookies Granola

The M&S Christmas range is in full swing and not too long ago I reviewed their Red Velvet Curd. Sadly I wasn’t bowled over by it (read my review here if you missed it) so I am hoping the M&S Milk and Cookies Granola can help put us back on track. 

Coming in at £2.50 a 500g box I was most surprised to see it that cheap. Most granolas are averaging around £4.00 so kudos to M&S for keeping this far more affordable and fair. So what can we expect from this granola? Well the description is – ‘Dark chocolate oat and puffed brown rice clusters with milk and white chooclate chunks, vanilla creme filled crushed cookies and cornflakes in yoghurt flavoured coating.’ Sounds jam packed! Time for the taste test.

M&S Milk and Cookies Granola ChristmasPer 45g: 199 kcal, 1.6g sat fat, 7.5g sugar, 4.3g protein

Look at that bowl of yumminess! I was pretty much expecting this to be a big bowl of overloaded sweetness but in actual fact that wasn’t the case at all. The granola itself was crisp and crunchy and had a lovey dark cocoa bitterness to it. The crushed up cookies varied from big old chunks to little tiddly bits and tasted exactly like Oreo biscuits. Littered amongst the granola were small rectangle chunks of milk and white chocolate and yoghurt flavoured coated cornflakes. There seemed to be more of the white chocolate than milk but that’s okay. The chocolate chunks were quite non descript, for chocolate they weren’t overly chocolatey as crazy as that sounds. So aside from the sweetness and slight twang they didn’t bring much to the table when eaten with the other elements, and I would prefer the granola without these chunks or at least be better quality chocolate. That being said I can’t say I am overly bothered because this granola was still delicious! 

Paired with milk, topping yoghurt, heck straight out the box, this M&S Milk and Cookies Granola is scrummy. I love that they have gone for more of a bitter dark chocolate take and that was definitely the right move for me and the chocolate chunks for me don’t need to be in there. I’m not too sure I would reach this for my 6.30am brekkie but a cheeky bowl during the day or to start the weekend off, then yes please. And the most important thing… it did indeed turn the milk chocolatey! 

Have you tried the M&S Milk and Cookies Granola yet? What’s your favourite from their new range? 

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  1. Ursula Dante
    22nd December 2018 / 9:36 am

    Superb breakfast cereal, delicious with milk or yogurt. M&S you never fail to make Christmas special even at breakfast time, love this.

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