Hotel Chocolat Treacle Tart

It has been a while since I have posted, work life balance is currently out the window which is making it hard to get the blog mojo on. Nonetheless what better way to kick start things than with Hotel Chocolat Treacle Tart chocolates. Hotel Chocolat does some imaginative concoctions as well as giving classic combinations a little twist. Treacle tart is one of my all time favourite desserts, it is simple but oh so delicious, cold or slightly warm, I am always game for a slice. As such I have had my eye on these new Treacle Tart ones for… View Post

Monster Munchies: Baileys Pumpkin Spice

Just throwing it out there that it’s MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!! WOOH! It is therefore only fair that we all enjoy a tipple. For those who follow me on Instagram & Facebook I teased you all with an upcoming Monster Munchies review and can now reveal that yes it is the new Baileys Pumpkin Spice. EEEEK! I must confess though I am not a Baileys lover. I have never seen the attraction or need to drink what is essentially cream however a new leaf has turned because the pumpkin has swayed me to give it another go. To mark the change in… View Post

Joe Browns Autumn Winter Style

New season new style. Autumn is definitely my favourite season, the leaves are turning, the nights drawing in, the new season styles are filling the glossy magazines, and not to mention it’s my birthday!  The Fun Fair at Joe Browns has arrived and it is one to get excited about. When surveying what was on offer, my focus was firmly on everyday wear that was casual, yet smart enough to wear in the office. So here are my style picks.  Kick starting things is the Funky Funtime Fur Collar Jacket. I spied this in their preview email and loved it from… View Post