Getting in the Ginmas Spirit with these Gin Ideas to Buy, Gift and Drink

*This post contains affiliate links* There is no denying that Gin is once again the drink of the year. There was once a time when the selection was merely a handful of plain gins but now there’s practically a gin for every flavour. With more and more small batch, flavoured and liqueur gins hitting shelves, it is easy to see its popularity, and there’s no sign of it slowing down.  So with 10 days and counting to go until the big festive day, we are getting in the G&T spirit with these Gin ideas to buy, gift and drink.  So let’s… View Post

Easter Is Coming And So Are The Easter Eggs

Easter is coming, it’s one week away, and who doesn’t love an excuse to dive head first into chocolate. Every year the Easter Eggs on offer get better and better, and this year is no exception. Although I love a plain and simple Cadbury Buttons number, who is going to deny a bit of indulgence in the more extravagant and cutesy ones. Here are some tantalising Easter Eggs to get you eggcited. Be sure to let me know your fave. Montezuma’s Milk Chocolate Egg with Peanut Butter Mini Eggs, £19.99. Filled with the most delicious peanut butter mini eggs, this ticks all the… View Post

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For A Foodie & Tipple Lover

With only one week to go Valentine’s day is fast approaching and whether you are embracing the day or not we can all enjoy some treats. Being a single pringle for example doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself, you may even buy your bestie a little pressie to show your love for them. Whatever it is today’s post centres around Valentine’s day gift ideas for a foodie & tipple lover in your life.  Eat My Cake London We all remember the classic ‘He’s her lobster’ line from Friends, well if you are lucky enough to have found your lobster give them… View Post

Alternative Christmas Crackers 2016

With 10 days’ to go who is getting excited? The novelty Christmas cracker with the paper hat, the joke that it so silly it tickles you for hours, and not forgetting the who can get the most bizarre present inside, is a Christmas must have. However that is not to say that we cannot be a little indulgent and have an alternative Christmas crackers.  Over the last couple of years the array of alternative crackers out there has grown to a level where there is something for everyone, even your furry pets. I for one usually opt for a foodie… View Post

Christmas Goodies Gift Guide 2016

I heart Christmas. I get excited about it pretty early on and I love nothing more than perusing all things christmassy, putting up the tree, wrapping and giving presents, and of course consuming all the food. Christmas is fast approaching, the catalogues are here and the ideas are flowing of what to get people. There is so much out there, today’s post is a little gift guide on a few food and drink goodies that have caught my eye. Joe & Sephs Popcorn Tube, Hotel Chocolat Gingerbread Spread, Biscuiteers The Snowman & The Snow Dog Biscuit Tin, Marvling Bros Dinner in a… View Post