Festive Cocktails to Make this Christmas

Baby it’s cold outside … Yes Christmas is creeping around the corner, I cannot believe quite how quickly December has flown by, and now we have 10 days until the big day! Which camp are you in? The not quite in the festive mood yet, slowly getting there, or are you embracing the full on Christmas spirit and have Magic Xmas on all day every day (yes that is me). I teased this over on Twitter at the weekend and today I have decided that there is no better way to get in that festive mood than to talk festive… View Post

Buttermilk Gingerbread Honeycomb

Buttermilk Gingerbread Honeycomb, could it be as fantastic as it sounds? These artisan confectioners are known for their buttery fudge, chewy honeycomb and varying brittles, and come the festive season even they cannot resist getting into the spirit of things. With endless choices the Buttermilk Gingerbread Honeycomb is certainly the one that caught my eye, how can they combine the two? Handmade in their kitchen’s in Cornwall, these sizeable chunks of honeycomb are suitable for vegetarians, have no nasty artificial flavourings and are gluten free. A 150g box comes in at £3.99. I love the cute packaging, it may just be… View Post

Christmas is Coming with Not On The High Street

Prepare yourself I am dropping the festive bomb. Yes there is no denying that Christmas is fast approaching and frankly I am excited, and what better way to get ourselves in that fa la la la laaaaa mood, than kicking back with Not on the High Street Christmas press show. I adore NOTHS and can spend hours perusing their website adding far too many things to my wish list. I was lucky enough to be invited to NOTHS Christmas in July, YES JULY, to get a sneak peak on this year’s hottest items, bespoke gift ideas, demos, and gorgeous decor… View Post

The Almost Lush Halloween and Christmas Blogger Event

Almost two weeks ago marked the launch of the always anticipated Lush Halloween and Christmas offerings. With my face on and the excitement levels high, off I went to the South East Bloggers Circle Event however we were sadly met with the fact that the event at Lush in Basingstoke was cancelled due to a store flood. These things cannot be helped, however we did get a window of opportunity to peruse all things new, take some pictures and as a token sorry I got to take home a bottle of Snow Fairy (LOVE).  A Lush store is a bit like… View Post

McVitie’s White Chocolate Nibbles

Okay so technically these are a Christmas edition however given the delightfulness of the other McVitie’s Nibbles I couldn’t not try these new McVitie’s White Chocolate Nibbles. It is well over a year since the original Mcvitie’s Nibbles came on the scene in four flavours including Dark Chocolate and Caramel. It is about time that we had a new flavour and what better reason than for the festive run-up. This snowflake themed 120g bag has been spotted in Tesco as well as Ocado which is where I purchased these for  a rounded £1.oo. As with most packaging it is deceiving and… View Post