Terry’s White Chocolate Orange Minis

Terry's Chocolate Orange White Minis

Another week another chocolate orange find. It seems we are inundated with new snacks all bearing the orange flavour and the public are LOVING it! These Terry’s White Chocolate Orange Minis are a new release but in itself the white chocolate version isn’t a newbie and has made a comeback for Christmas. 

Coming in at £1.50 a pack these were found in the Co-Op, and seems to be where the majority have been spotted. They are slowly hitting supermarkets so keep your eyes on the aisles. 

Terry's White Chocolate Orange MinisIt has been a while since we have had a review that didn’t fair too well, and sadly today is that day. These were chocolatey and creamy and as expected from white chocolate, were oh so sweet. The orange flavour remained quite muted throughout and were certainly not as orangey as the milk choc version. Unfortunately the combination of white chocolate and orange is not a winner for me. Unlike the milk version that is a perfect match with the orange, this didn’t work as well. I didn’t want to keep eating them and have no real inkling to go back to them. 

Unfortunately the Terry’s White Chocolate Orange Minis have broken the run of delightfully delicious chocolate orange goodies. The Cadbury Chocolate Orange Twirl and Buttons are still the champions in my eyes. 

Have you tried these? Are you a white chocolate orange fan?

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