Cadbury Dairy Milk Out of the Blueberry

Last Year Cadbury gave us the chance to invent our own chocolate bar and I am sensing the success of this has led them to do so again this year. This time around there were another three, although the Honeycomb one seems to have been withdrawn due to concerns over nuts. There are still two others so let’s kick start with the Cadbury Dairy Milk Out of the Blueberry. Although the competition is now closed and the results of the winner will be imminently revealed, you can still get your hands on the two remaining bars. This is the one… View Post

Krispy Kreme Vintage Powdered Blueberry

Today we have waved goodbye to the Krispy Kreme Vintage Glazed Kreme and said hello to the Krispy Kreme Vintage Powdered Blueberry. This blueberry number is the one that I voted for and naturally have been most excited about. I am not entirely sure why this has floated ones boat however I do love blueberry and it seems a little different to what we have seen doughnut wise lately.  For anyone that doesn’t know the vintage range features 4 doughnuts – Glazed Kreme, Powdered Blueberry, Cruller and Pumpkin Spice and all formed part of Krispy Kreme’s UK launch back in 2003.… View Post

Arla Skyr Yoghurts

Yoghurts, there are so many to choose from – Chocolatey, Fruity, Low Fat, Natural, Greek, Protein, Bio, there is a whole aisle just for yoghurts! So how do you choose when everyone is trying to be the top dog? Yoghurt is something that I phase in and out of, every since Muller Light’s disastrous recent efforts I hadn’t really been all that into yoghurt but have recently been branching out so to speak. Today’s review is all about 3 different Arla SKYR yoghurt – SKYR Strawberry, Mixed Berries & Blueberry & Elderberry. Made from all natural ingredients, Arla SKYR yoghurts are low… View Post

Asda Banoffee Bombs and Blue Yorkers

On a wee trip to Asda I spied some new fresh desserts on offer by Asda. Asda appear to have quite a range out that include Dessert Islands, Honey Teasers, Afternoon Tea and what today’s review is all about, Banoffee Bombs and Blue Yorkers. Banoffee Bombs – £2.00 Banana mousse with fudge and toffee flavour sauces, sponge pieces and toffee chips. I am having a love affair for anything banana flavoured recently and was pretty excited to find these. Tucking in these were light as a feather. The first layer of mousse was smooth, airy and packed full of authentic… View Post