Crunchie Friday Feeling Cake

Happy Friday! Let’s celebrate the weekend the only way I know how.. with cake! The Crunchie Friday Feeling Cake to be precise. Once upon a time Crunchie did do a birthday cake and it was glorious. Much like the Flake Birthday cake it disappeared, much to my disgust, but has recently made a return. Huzzah. This time around Cadbury have opted for less of the birthday cake angle and more of the cake for any occasion angle. In this instance however I did actually have this as my birthday cake hence my pink candles. I must say I much prefer… View Post

M&S Connie Caterpillar Birthday Cake

Birthday equals cake it is as simple as that! Over the last year we have had the bitterly disappointing Jammie Dodger Cake and the sweet and little dry Cadbury Chocolate Flake, so this month we decided to stick to the good old chocolate cake and went for the new M&S Connie Caterpillar Cake. Colin has gone and got himself a girlfriend and isn’t she just oh so pretty, look at that beautiful face with enviable eyelashes. The Caterpillar cake is the pinnacle of birthday’s, Colin is of course the undisputed King; even Mr Beckham indulged in him this year! Colin certainly takes me back to my childhood so naturally when… View Post

Cadbury Flake Celebration Cake

The Cadbury Flake Celebration cake is back! I had its predecessor a few years ago and it was delicious and I certainly couldn’t believe that they discontinued it there after. Fear not though it’s back on the shelves and promises to be an even more delicious sponge. Given we had a birthday at the weekend it was only fitting that we give this new version a go, and plus I was buying the cake so it was my choice!  Chocolate sponge layered with chocolate flavour creme and a chocolate flavoured syrup, covered with milk chocolate and decorated with milk chocolate flake… View Post