Monster Munchies: Krispy Kreme Vintage Pumpkin Spiced

What better way to kick off the start of the Monster Munchies Halloween Series on the blog than with the new Krispy Kreme Vintage Pumpkin Spiced. This doughnut marks the end of the comeback doughnuts and like all the others were, it is available for the next two weeks.  For those regular readers you will know I have been less than impressed. The Vintage Glazed Kreme was dull, the Powdered Blueberry had the most delicious fruity filling but was encased in undercooked dough and the Cruller well what the heck was that? I think we are all rooting for this Krispy Kreme Vintage Pumpkin… View Post

Krispy Kreme Vintage Cruller

Okay so we have already had the boring Krispy Kreme Glazed Kreme, the rather undercooked but delicious filling from the Powdered Blueberry and now we have the penultimate doughnut, which comes in the form of Krispy Kreme Vintage Cruller.  If you haven’t a clue what this doughnut is or in fact how to pronounce it, you are not alone. To save face I just asked the every so happy Krispy Kreme chap for ‘the new one’ and ta-da £1.75 later one Cruller was in the bag. This is certainly quite the eye candy for a doughnut. It doesn’t need all the fancy icing… View Post

Krispy Kreme Vintage Powdered Blueberry

Today we have waved goodbye to the Krispy Kreme Vintage Glazed Kreme and said hello to the Krispy Kreme Vintage Powdered Blueberry. This blueberry number is the one that I voted for and naturally have been most excited about. I am not entirely sure why this has floated ones boat however I do love blueberry and it seems a little different to what we have seen doughnut wise lately.  For anyone that doesn’t know the vintage range features 4 doughnuts – Glazed Kreme, Powdered Blueberry, Cruller and Pumpkin Spice and all formed part of Krispy Kreme’s UK launch back in 2003.… View Post

Krispy Kreme Vintage Glazed Kreme

If you are apart of Friend’s of Krispy Kreme then you too would have got the chance to vote for the return of a vintage classic. Which did you choose? Personally I opted for the Powdered Blueberry however fear not because out of the 34,000 votes the results were so close that Krispy Kreme have decided to stagger the return of all four Vintage Doughnuts, and first up is the Vintage Glazed Kreme.  I am a lover of the simple classic glazed ring doughnut, however this takes it one step further with the addition of Kreme filling. Surely this is going to… View Post